Watching Game of Thrones…and retrieving plastic

April 1, 2013

Ellen/Reid: My friend Tom is under the surgeon’s knife this morning with triple bypass. The doctor makes it all seem so simple although he’s not the one lying on the table. But the doc says Tom will be as good as new so the Bridger excursion will be on next year. Reid, you should go with us.

I do have my tickets in hand for Emma’s birthday extravaganza. No thought has been given to lodging but I can take care of myself. I will get a rental car, too. I will take part of Friday to head down to Owatonna to play golf with Steve Allen and a couple of other friends who will meander up from Des Moines. Reid, consider this an appeal about what dates work for you for us

Reid (right) and his dad in '10 after a visit to his ailing grandfather. Time to see the boy's new digs in Chicago.

Reid (right) and his dad in ’10 after a visit to his ailing grandfather. Time to see the boy’s new digs in Chicago.

to visit you and Liz in Chicago.

I’m looking down upon the quiet little stream this morning from my third floor window and it’s sad to see a mess of plastic bottles and discarded

The pretty little stream behind the house is constantly defiled by floating debris, such as this submerged plastic and a wind-blown grocery store bag. I don't know who discards it or why - but now I'm pissed.

The pretty little stream behind the house is constantly defiled by floating debris, such as this submerged plastic and a wind-blown grocery store bag. I don’t know who discards it or why – but now I’m pissed.

debris trapped and floating behind a small, fallen limb that spans the width of the creek. I suppose it’s just something else that will need someone (me) to go down and clean up/remove/recycle all that junk. It really does drive me nuts to see how goofballs just toss stuff out rather than see it (and the stream, too) as a resource. The deer cross where the flotsam is and the birds bathe just a few feet away. This kind of treatment isn’t what Thoreau had in mind 150 some years ago when he wrote Walden; or, Life in the Woods.

Reid, I see Chicago is embroiled in a campaign to shut down a lot of schools for budget purposes. That’s too bad. I don’t know the extent of the situation but administrators are probably targeting the neighborhoods where attendance has fallen. Where you and Liz live (are you on the West side, is that what they call it?) would seem to be a pretty vibrant spot. Ellen, our Republican dolts at the North Carolina state capitol are at it again. They want to do away with teacher tenure and they want some schools to allow non-education trained people – including those who have no college degree – to teach in those public schools. We are just a bunch of damn fools down here. We really are. There must be something in the water that affects their thinking. It’ll only get worse once contaminated water residue from fracking hits our ground water supplies. Great. Fish with three eyes and kids with four arms.  Legislators here are morons of the first order.

We’ve taken to watching Game of Thrones on HBO. It’s pretty good but coming so late to the party (it’s now season 3) has us trying to figure out what the plot is and who the players are. HBO does a nice job with it if you like bloody violence and gratuitous sex. The production values are not half bad for a TV show.

Geez, did you see the horrific break of that kid’s leg in the Louisville-Duke game? You can’t see it any worse than that. I just didn’t have the stomach to watch it until this morning on YouTube, and even then one glimpse from afar was enough for me. That was just awful. Good gesture by both coaches to console each other. That’s a clip that will live on YouTube for a long, long time. Already more than two million views – two million! – by this morning.

It looks like the bike ride up and down the Oregon-Washington coast in mid July is set in stone. Our plan is to get our tickets tomorrow night. Packing is going to be a shade difficult because we’ll have to plan for cold-wet even though it may not end up being either of those, and all of it will have to be carried with us on the bike. I hope to rent a Road King or an Ultra Classic. We’re excited about it. Felicia has never been to that part of the country. Let the adventures begin.

Love, Dad

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  1. Dave if that fracking goes through a plastic bag or bottle in the stream will be the least of our worries. How about the Exxon mess in Mayflower Arkansas? Honestly those boobs thought they could clean it up by powerspraying the crude into the storm drain and then sopping up the wetland with paper towels. Now they have imposed a no fly zone and are working to quash any news of the pipeline rupture! If keystone goes through I hate to think of the environmental impact! Dylan was right: “money doesn’t talk it swears.”

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