NRA – outsized in their power…

Some of my best and happiest days as a young man were spent tromping through brome and corn stubble  for pheasant and quail. Not anymore. Those times have changed for me. I just have my doubts about guns, as Ellen and Reid learned last week.


April 8, 2013

Ellen/Reid: It’s depressing to read all this blather about the National Rifle Association. They are way outsized in their power. The citizenry needs to unite on it but our resolve is doubtful because those who might


To me, the NRA is outsized in its power. I don’t begrudge sport shooting and we have an army and National Guard as legitimate defenders. None of us need military grade weaponry.

advocate moderation aren’t capable of organizing like those on the fringes of both sides. Ellen, we can only hope they never realize the idiotic dream of guns in schools. What is our ratio of shooting deaths? It’s like 20 times that of the next developed nation or some number along those lines. Maybe we shouldn’t be considered a developed nation. That would help our numbers. I’m all for sport or bird hunting, but we are clearly over the edge. In my wildest imagination I can’t imagine the founding fathers accepting all this gun nuttiness and military-grade weapon kooks. I thought about getting a pistol a 5 or 6 years ago but backed away from it. I’m just not a gun man. That’s about all the zealousness and diatribe I can muster for one day.

It’s sunny and warming outside the window right now. It’s about frigging time. No doubt we’ll transition from winter to summer heat in the bat of an eyelash. But you can say it’s good for the lettuce on the front porch.

As long as black dirt is available, I'll keep a garden on the front stoop. I will never give trying to grow a sandwich size red tomato.

As long as black dirt is available, I’ll keep a garden on the front stoop. I will never give trying to grow a sandwich size red tomato.

Some of the pot space set aside for spinach is going to have to give way to basil. That’s just the way it is with good dirt at a premium. Some of the lettuce hasn’t sprouted so maybe the spinach crop will be replanted where the other seeds refused to, or couldn’t, push through. Before long, perhaps yet this week, a tomato will take root. I’ll never give up trying to grow a half decent tomato.

Looks like we’re going to ride down Charleston way next weekend. We have to get in riding shape for the Washington and Oregon coast. Felicia gets the worst of things because the passenger seat on the Heritage is a lot narrower than the ample seat my derriere is on. We get into Seattle on a Saturday, and our options are to go to a Seattle Mariners game that night or head straight to the coast. At least we have something to look forward to.

Looking at some round eyeglass frames for a change of pace. The rectangles I have now are okay but pretty stodgy looking. Time to come into the new age. I need to step up my game, too, beyond jeans to other more age-appropriate clothing, but that’s not anything new.

Ellen, I don’t know what to get Emma for her first birthday but you can expect a UPS delivery of clothes and some toys. If you have any suggestions on fun toys, great. Make sure I know what size to get her. 18 month? Toddler? Let me know pretty soon as everything will be boxed up and shipped in the next week or two for just-in-time delivery. Loved that short video of her shaking her tail feathers. She’s just too cute. The FaceTimes are really fun and a good substitute for not being there. Before you know it, she’ll think her gramps exists only on a small screen.

Not a whole heck of a lot else to report. Work is (as of this writing) still okay. Not too many people mad at me although that can change in a heartbeat. The blue birds are out back seeming to stuff their nesting box with soft goods for their fledglings. The squirrels are smart as a whip as they’ve wizened up to all my tricks to keep them away from our feeder. The lettuce is up and growing, as is the oregano and cilantro (a must-have herb in any garden although yank it up when it gets wispy in the hot months). What I wouldn’t do for a plot of black Midwestern dirt right now.

Love, Dad

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