Off the deep end…

I wonder if Ellen and Reid think their dad has gone off the deep end on issues of nature and the environment. Could be. Hey, we’ve all got to commit to something.


May 13, 2013

Ellen/Reid: I’m up in my office, occasionally sneaking a peak out the window to watch the pair of bluebirds flit in and out of their nesting box to feed what must be at least a couple of young, hungry birds. People persistently want to open the box to take a look and we have to shoo them away. One of the old biddies who sticks

The nesting box is occupied by blue birds about this time of year. I may electrify the perimeter to keep prying hands from opening the door.

The nesting box is occupied by blue birds about this time of year. I may electrify the perimeter to keep prying hands from opening the door.

her nose in everything around here objected to those instructions, and Felicia set her straight that we paid for and put up the box. Serves the old gal right. Leave the birds alone, lady.

It’s cool here this morning and it feels good. We’ve had the sort of May you’d expect; relatively pleasant with nice temperatures. But that comfort is fleeting. Heat and humidity will have their way with us soon enough.

It was so great to see you guys for Emma’s birthday. Three generations under one roof. She is a little controller at this point and there’s a sense that she knows she runs the show – at least for now. That was a nice gesture, Reid, with the surprise shave. Liz must’ve liked that. It makes you look younger although there was nothing wrong with your trimmed beard. There’s a great picture of you shaving while Emma is peeking at her uncle as he gets to trimming. Liz’s parents went all out on the Friday night. Wish I would’ve been faster on the draw to take a shot of Emma’s footprint in the cake and Tim making short work of the clean up, so to speak. That was hilarious. At least he got an early taste of the frosting.

We are getting excited about the bike ride along the Washington-Oregon coast. The best we could rent was another Heritage Softail, the same ride we have now. Luggage has us in a bit of a quandary since the bike can only accommodate one large bag that fits over the sissy bar and maybe one other. Our helmets, rain gear and leathers have to make the trip. We do have the saddle bags, but the problem is how to transport everything. We’ll have to get used to wearing the same sink-washable clothes that we can dry overnight in the hotel or wherever it is we’ll be staying. One option is leaving a spare piece of luggage at our first hotel in Seattle. That is a possibility. We have tickets for a Saturday night ball game between the Seattle Mariners and the LA Angels. That should be fun. A couple of bikers in the seats. Imagine that. We will likely stop down in Salem to see cousin Tom, and maybe on to Bend to see my friends Sue and Rand Hammond. I need to make that acquaintance again. We might slide through Portland to see Aunt Mary. She’s a good egg. Tom’s boys Ben and Eli live close by, and it would be great to see them, too.

My new blog,, is off to a slow start, but like with my other one, I’ll be persistent about it. Not many followers at this point but it will be a labor of love in one sense.

Yeah, maybe I am a little whack on keeping my path cleaned up, but it's all for a good cause. I'll keep at it.

Yeah, maybe I am a little whack on keeping my path cleaned up, but it’s all for a good cause. I’ll keep at it.

Only a couple of Twitter followers although being a newby with Tweets, there’s still a lot to learn. If you have to be committed to something, nothing wrong with being committed to the environment. Besides, it gives me something to do and keeps me out of trouble. I have yet to figure out how Pinterest works but I’m gaining on it. If you two have any suggestions on this whole thing, I’ll be all ears. My other creative venture this week is another 12 page Caldwell newsletter, and there’s not a lot of story ideas in the hopper. Somehow, it will work.

Okay, signing off for now. Let me know how things are going. If you are at all serious with your overtures about Thanksgiving down he’ah, we can make that happen. Having you visit is on my short-term bucket list.



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2 responses to “Off the deep end…

  1. Cousin Tom

    Dave, we are counting on seeing you and thinking it will
    be sometime between the 15th and 18th, right? Tom and Jessica

  2. Signed up for Pick Up Your Path! Love this, Dave. Love you. Pammy

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