Birds in flight…

Unashamedly, I’ll continue to try to foist environmental issues on Ellen and Reid. Same as my dad did to me; I just hope the lessons sink in a little quicker than they did with their old man.


May 21, 2013

Ellen/Reid: The little blue birds are testing their wings for flight. I could see them flitting around in their nesting box this morning. Their maiden voyage can’t be but a few days away. I wish I would have put a small dowel just below the entrance hole as a safety net of sorts since the nearest limb would be a 3 – 4 yard stretch for a little one. The parent birds are flying themselves ragged

The blue birds are gone. We didn't get to see their grand entrance, but we wish the fledglings well.

The blue birds are gone. We didn’t get to see their grand entrance into their brave new world, but we wish the fledglings well.

trying to feed however many voracious nestlings are in the box. I hope I get to see them as they try to fly for the first time. It makes putting up the nest worthwhile if it contributes a bird or two to the population. We placed a second box about 40 yards away but it doesn’t have any activity.

It looks as if I’m going to retire at 65. There’s no particular rhyme or reason to it, it just feels right. The health scare a couple of years ago figures into it a bit – live now while you can. A friend of mine was saying last week that the average life span of men is about 78 years. We can do that math. I want to spend time writing and blogging and riding the bike, golfing if I must, and, of course, seeing you two dweebs a lot more. There would be nothing wrong with working 20 hours a week at a store or golf shop to fill some idle time. I have to talk to John about the specifics but that’s sort of where things rest at this point. Your uncle seems on board with it although he persists in the belief he’ll bow out at 67. Four years seems like a long, long time to wait.

We are tending to Bailey this week. She’s a lab-mix, and is the dog of Felicia’s daughter Suefan. She’s a great dog, a little timid, but nice to have around. Part of me wrestles with the idea of a dog full time, but there’s still a little reluctance to have one. They are work and to some extent tie you down a bit, particularly on weekends. I think Felicia would like one (partly to be a counter to my presence) but I’ve yet to be convinced about it. Definitely no cats. Never a cat.

Other than that, not a ton going on. Got the Caldwell newsletter out the door this week. I’m attempting to try a new graphic design approach. That’s always dangerous when one has no real footing in, or taste for, page design. I thumb through magazines and mostly copy what they do. You can see it at I’m just North of having done 50 issues. I have got to learn Pages on Mac since my old Acer is about to bite the dust. It has served its purpose somewhat well; get me on the Internet and let me prepare the newsletter.

Reid, give me a hard and fast weekend in June that works for you to receive visitors.

Without exaggeration, the video of Emma walking has been viewed at least 30 times. Video of a granddaughter is a great thing, especially when you live a long, long way away.

No real plans for Memorial Day weekend. Felicia is working and I’ll golf.

Well, that’s about it for today, given the dearth of real news. I’ll give you both a holler this weekend, so keep the phones handy.


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