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Of all the stinking mornings to not sleep in…

This letter alludes to a trip to Chicago to see Reid. That trip has come and gone. Look for coverage in the letter posted next week.


June 17, 2013

Ellen/Reid: Of all the stinking mornings I could have slept in – not just stayed in bed but actually slept – it would have been this morning. Drives me nuts. There are no mornings, Saturday and Sunday included, where I’m not up-and-at-‘em at the crack of dawn, literally watching the clock at 5:33 or 5:49 and then up like a shot at 6 a.m. to make coffee. It’s awful.

Reid at the door of his new digs with Liz in Chicago. Nice place for a young couple. It's got more square footage than where his old man lives.

Reid at the door of his new digs he shares with Liz in Chicago. Nice place for a young couple. It’s got more square footage than where his old man lives.

They continue with the layoffs down here. A good friend of mine got let go, and he’s having to pull up roots and head toward Maryland for his next job. He’s a great, competent guy – and just like that he’s gone. This was where he wanted to live, he and his wife had a nice house in a good neighborhood and that’s all gone away. We played one final round of golf together on Saturday and he gave me the skinny Continue reading



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Plowshares into swords…

I tilt toward the right side of blue politics. Ellen and Reid are on their own in determining their spots on the political spectrum.


June 10, 2013

Ellen/Reid: It’s only June 10 and already it feels as if the dog days of summer are in place. It was moist and very warm this morning at 5:15 when I went out to get the newspaper. Maybe that’s just the wages you pay for living in this part of the country. I suppose it is. I walked 18 at a local muny yesterday in the heat of the afternoon and was soaking wet by the time my ball reached the green after five errant shots. But plenty of water was consumed and there was enough cloud cover to stop me from baking like a pork butt on the spit. Got through it just fine but man, was it humid.

My friend John the Presbyterian minister is joining a bunch of folks from Caldwell today to head for protests at the state capitol in Raleigh. If John gets riled up, then the issues are worth getting riled up over. The legislature is just making it tough for the little guy and middle income folks in North Carolina. Restricted voting rights, a highly favorable income tax break for the upper incomes plus a bevy of new taxes on smaller services such as groceries and haircuts that will effectively have the lower classes pay more. These Monday protests have been going on for a while and a fair number of people have been arrested (including an 80 year old woman who was handcuffed to her wheelchair, like she was going anywhere) even though things have been purposely peaceful. As you would expect, the GOP legislators have no intention of meeting with anyone other than themselves or their cronies. Our state has moved from just being red to a deep shade of crimson red. How anyone in the middle class votes Republican escapes me. It must be all about guns and whatnot. Republican zealots are beating their plowshares into swords. All the better to stick it to the little guy.

Reid, I’m excited about the prospect of Chicago. By the time you get this we should know for sure. I’ve kind of dawdled in getting my ticket but it will be in hand soon enough.

We rode the Harley on Saturday for a long-ish trek and stumbled upon a big biker event in a place called Lincolnton. It should be about a 60 minute ride that turned into two hours as we moseyed our way along with the intent of getting to Greenville, SC but Lincolnton was on the route. We spent a few hours at the event and didn’t have second thoughts about going any further. Biker rallies tend to pretty much be all the same but this one had a lot of variety. The people watching is worth the price of admission. The high point may have been the barbeque which was some of the best I’ve had since being down in these parts. Very tasty.

It’s raining hard and straight down as we speak – enough, already – but at least it didn’t pour over the weekend while we were outside. The weekend came and went way too fast but the time from Monday to Friday will feel like an eternity. They say ‘time waits for no one’ but I sure wish it would drag its feet on Friday-Saturday-Sunday sometime.

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Not much going on…

Not much went on this particular week; I’m okay with down time. Even so, there’s still enough to cobble together another Monday letter.


June 3, 2013

Ellen/Reid: Pretty stormy last night here. We had a fair amount of rain pelting the windows. Must’ve been the weather pattern that socked Oklahoma earlier in the week. We need the moisture, however. Heck, maybe if it was heavy enough it could have washed away some of the back-assward legislators here in North Carolina. Alas, no such luck. They all reported for duty today.

Otherwise we had a pretty good weekend. Rode to dinner Friday night, stayed home Saturday night and vegged. Felicia worked 12 hours yesterday after driving Saturday to Asheville to see her son so she was beat when she got back. Watched Game of thrones on HBO, Continue reading

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Getting down with NASCAR

It’s almost seven years down this way, but I’m not heavily invested in NASCAR. Give me another half decade and we’ll see.


May 28, 2013

Ellen/Reid: It was nice to have a long weekend. I needed one. Ellen, Michigan looked fun, and the airport videos of Emma walking the concourse were so much fun. Reid, I’m not sure what you and Liz did but no doubt it was a good time, too. I’m not sure why there isn’t more of a grassroots outcry for a national four day workweek. If I were running for president, that would be a major plank of my candidacy. I would be swept in by acclamation.

NASCAR Homestead 2009 003

This is how they do it at NASCAR races: put up the tent by the pickup and crack a few cold ones.

We rode around Friday night and finally landed in Uptown for what the racing crowd calls ‘Speed Street” which is where they shut off the main drag and let you walk around and gawk at race cars while you drink beer. It’s a NASCAR/red neck thing. We didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time there. You see one race car, you’ve seen them all. The same can’t be said for the ‘necks since the people watching is fabulous. We had dinner and scooted to Mac’s for a final cold one. We went back to Mac’s for wings last night. We are nothing if not predictable. A good chunk of my Saturday was spent Continue reading

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