Getting down with NASCAR

It’s almost seven years down this way, but I’m not heavily invested in NASCAR. Give me another half decade and we’ll see.


May 28, 2013

Ellen/Reid: It was nice to have a long weekend. I needed one. Ellen, Michigan looked fun, and the airport videos of Emma walking the concourse were so much fun. Reid, I’m not sure what you and Liz did but no doubt it was a good time, too. I’m not sure why there isn’t more of a grassroots outcry for a national four day workweek. If I were running for president, that would be a major plank of my candidacy. I would be swept in by acclamation.

NASCAR Homestead 2009 003

This is how they do it at NASCAR races: put up the tent by the pickup and crack a few cold ones.

We rode around Friday night and finally landed in Uptown for what the racing crowd calls ‘Speed Street” which is where they shut off the main drag and let you walk around and gawk at race cars while you drink beer. It’s a NASCAR/red neck thing. We didn’t spend an inordinate amount of time there. You see one race car, you’ve seen them all. The same can’t be said for the ‘necks since the people watching is fabulous. We had dinner and scooted to Mac’s for a final cold one. We went back to Mac’s for wings last night. We are nothing if not predictable. A good chunk of my Saturday was spent in the office just trying to clean up the accumulated mess. From the looks of it, things still look a little disheveled, but solid progress was made. I’ll chip away at it again today in between the half dozen or so calls that are on the docket.

We are trying to strategize the bike ride along the coast of Washington and Oregon but aren’t getting very far. We did get tickets to a Seattle Mariners/Anaheim Angels game but as of yet we have not decided on hotels and the like let alone a hard and fast route. Felicia is a little uptight about what she can/cannot take and I’m trying to drill into her that less is more. We just don’t have the room. The Heritage Softail we’ve rented will be nearly identical to ours with saddle bags, and we have a sizeable new bag that fits over the sissy bar. That’s all we have room for. A couple pairs of jeans, some wash-and-dry shirts, boots, leathers and rain suits and that’s pretty much it. Certainly not stylish by any means.

The lettuce is on its last legs and the spinach and cilantro are kaput. About all that’s left of the container garden on the porch is the one tomato plant and the hard-to-kill oregano. I guess the basil is still hanging around. But it was sure good while it lasted.

The little blue birds up and flew away. We never got to see their maiden flights. They didn’t even say so much as a goodbye cheep. I got to worrying on Friday morning since I hadn’t seen the parents flitting around so I went out to sneak a peek. The birds had fledged. I cleaned out the nest right away and am hopeful some other feathered tenants will nose (beak) around the place as a new spot but nesting season in these parts appears just about over. By habit we both still look out there to see if anything is rustling about.

Reid, I hope you like that new shirt. I really like the Ex Officio’s; built well, relatively stylish and good for the summer weather. You don’t see many short sleeve versions so that’s nice. It doesn’t hurt that they were on sale.

Okay, I’m outta here. Things to do this morning, lots of things. That doesn’t mean all of them are important. Be good, and how to see you all soon.


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