Not much going on…

Not much went on this particular week; I’m okay with down time. Even so, there’s still enough to cobble together another Monday letter.


June 3, 2013

Ellen/Reid: Pretty stormy last night here. We had a fair amount of rain pelting the windows. Must’ve been the weather pattern that socked Oklahoma earlier in the week. We need the moisture, however. Heck, maybe if it was heavy enough it could have washed away some of the back-assward legislators here in North Carolina. Alas, no such luck. They all reported for duty today.

Otherwise we had a pretty good weekend. Rode to dinner Friday night, stayed home Saturday night and vegged. Felicia worked 12 hours yesterday after driving Saturday to Asheville to see her son so she was beat when she got back. Watched Game of thrones on HBO, and the ending was shockingly depressing. But today is a new day and that’s okay. There’s something about those four day weeks that is addicting. Nothing wrong with Mondays off. I could run for President on that platform and win in a landslide.

One of the baby bluebirds returned to the nest this morning for a quick peek around the old homestead. It was much smaller than the parent birds, and it poked its little head in the hole of the nesting box for a moment before continuing on to somewhere else. We miss seeing them a little more regularly. Nothing else seems to show any interest in the box so it looks like the nesting season has come and gone.

Got my bones rattled yesterday playing golf at a muny course called Renaissance. Was heading to the edge of a small lake when, in the space of a split second, I saw a gigantic cottonmouth as big around as my wrist before it exploded sideways into the muddy water. I mean is shook me although my playing companions reported no other noises coming from my directions. That was one helluva snake. Enormous and long. I’d hate to be a frog or a rodent within range of that beast. Oh man. If that doesn’t cure me of searching for random golf balls, nothing will. Incredible to see that sort of wildlife.

They had a big pro golf event at Wakonda over the weekend. Watched the delayed telecast last night and while the crowds looked good there wasn’t anyone I could recognize in the gallery. I’m sure they pulled out all the stops for the Wakonda membership. I know John F. was likely to go and probably Bob Furstenau. In some ways it’s easier to watch on TV than in person.

Met with some of my blog students over coffee on Saturday morning. Some of them are really doing a great job and others just need a little prod now and then. I’m supposed to teach it again in the fall and that will be the little prod I need to become a lot more proficient at the technical side of blogging. The writing and content comes easy but making your blog look good is another matter altogether. That’s what the students (and their teacher) struggle with. Reid, I’d love to have you take a look and offer any and all suggestions.

Okay, gotta run to the shower before the doc’s. I’ll be in touch sooner than later. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Love, Dad


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