A dad’s irritation and black coffee…


June 24, 2013

Ellen/Reid: I am still irritated at leaving Chicago early. That was just plain stupid, trying to get an earlier flight. Even if American Airlines, the dolts, had relented and let me on it still felt wrong on a bunch of levels. I could’ve taken you and Liz to brunch, Reid, and still had plenty of time to spare. It’s just so aggravating to

Reid on the stoop of his Chicago apartment early on a Saturday morning. He seems in a good place.

Reid polishing off a danish on the stoop of his Chicago apartment early on a Saturday morning. He seems in a good place.

act like that. That won’t happen again. I know I was plenty anxious about today but there’s still no excuse. Reid, I was so impressed with how you and Liz have done your place. It’s just awfully nice. And incredibly spacious.

I didn’t sleep very well last night, tossing and turning about today’s examination. You two will be the first to know (after Felicia) and by the time you get this the results should be in. So we’ll just keep our collective fingers crossed. We’ll know, too, about the Blackhawks. That was fun watching the game. I didn’t realize you guys were so into hockey. Who would have known?

The morning got off slowly at work. Not even the black coffee was able to shake things up this a.m. Maybe it’s just one of those days.

For the third time United has changed our flight plans to Seattle. This is getting old. In three weeks we’ll be there and you guys will have been to Cass Lake and back in that time. You should have a lot of fun up there. Emma is old enough to sort of get the drift of things up there. A new generation attaches itself to Northern Minnesota.

Felicia harvested our first tomatoes of the season from the front stoop and they have been pronounced edible. I got one bite and it was pretty good. Reid, you ought to stuff some herbs for cooking in those boxes at the top of the stairs. A little basil, some oregano, cilantro, chives, et al. That would be a nice little garden. Whatever you’d plunk into the dirt would need plenty of water since the boxes are facing south but that’s okay. Nothing wrong with some common herbs. I should ship you some cuttings from the oregano here since I brought it back from your grandmother’s garden. That would be a good way to keep that legacy going.

Little fledged cardinals continue to troop to the feeder. I worry they won’t know how to feed themselves in the wild if we pull the plug on the sunflower seed. But we enjoy them flocking to the second floor and it makes them a little safer from the marauding feral cats that I see slunking around here on a daily basis. I never should have sold your grandfather’s .22. My BB gun is just enough to catch their attention although I’ve never sent any ammo their way.

My church newsletter was done just in time before boarding the flight to Chicago. But it’s a beast that needs to be fed all the time. I’ll have to crank out another one before heading to Seattle. It just never goes away but such are the wages of sin. I’m trying to get a little more inventive and creative on the graphic design but you guys will have to be the judge. It’s still outside my comfort zone.

Alright, enough already. Take the sunscreen and Coolibar clothing with you to Cass Lake. Reid, I hope you catch fish, and Ellen, I hope you catch Emma. She’ll be trying to scoot away all the time.

Love, dad

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