Keeping pace with Emma…

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; Ellen will hit the bricks for a half marathon in the fall. A big chunk of her training, it would seem, is trying to keep pace with Emma.


July 1, 2013

Ellen/Reid: I’m getting too old, or maybe too out of shape, to walk golf courses anymore. It was really hot Saturday and while I tried to stay hydrated for every ounce of fluid ingested another two ounces exited through my pores. By the time I got home I was just exhausted. Felicia finds it frustrating because she’s ready to go and I’m becoming one with the couch. But at least the stroll is better than not working out at all. A buddy of mine and I walked Sunday, too, but after nine holes we gave it up in stifling humidity and surrendered to the luxury of a cart. Good thing, too: the skies opened up with a few holes to go and there was enough lightning to power a city.

Well, Reid, the mighty Black Hawks pulled it out in near miraculous style. Incredible. The paper the next day showed revelers on West Division Street which couldn’t have been much more than a stones throw from Liz and you. Hockey is such a good, fast moving, fun game to watch. Hard to figure why more people don’t enjoy it. The NFL is far too pokey; waaaay too many stoppages for replays and the like. That’s what’s wrong with democracy in U.S. sport. We have to adjudicate too many things because the technology exists to make sure someone’s toes were in bounds or someone didn’t hedge at the line of scrimmage. That’s way too stupid. Plus, as we’re finding out the hard way, lots of players are just thugs. No getting around it.

Here’s hoping Cass Lake was good all the way around.

Cass Lake, MN is a lake country nirvana for little Emma, as it was for her mother and uncle before her.

Star Island at Cass Lake, MN is a lake country nirvana for little Emma, as it was for her mother and uncle before her.

The three things I’ll always remember about that place are the bats, fishing with Bill Hines, and the squadrons of three inch mosquitoes (at least they felt that big). In two weeks we’ll be out on the West Coast, hopefully cruising along in good weather. Confirmed the Harley rental with the dealer in Bellevue and we have our baseball tickets sitting on the counter. That’s about a half hour cab ride from the airport. We have decided to take our chances with a Saturday night hotel/no-tell down toward Tacoma after the Mariners game so we can get a head start on the Sunday morning ride. We’ll head north up the west side of Puget Sound and make a big arc back to the Pacific. I think Felicia is having a hard time with the notion of packing light. Really, we just won’t have the room for much beyond rain gear and two changes of clothing each. I’ll probably blog about it every day so you can follow our progress, such as it is. If we go more than 250 miles in a day, take the bike away from us.

I’ve roughed out a business plan for It involves promotion to the usual sources I’m a member of; Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, World Wildlife Fund, etc. there will probably be a once a month day set aside for folks to pick up one thing on their daily strolls. But I need to come up with some edgy name for it. If you have ideas, let me know. It’s kind of odd that a few regular walkers I see on Saturday mornings will stop to chat and call me by name. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to have a community of picker uppers.

Geez, I wouldn’t wish last week’s test on my worst enemy. Really, I’ve never been more anxious about anything, ever. I told the doctor, who was as soothing as a guy can be when he’s poking you with a needle and other instruments of torture, that there was a morbid humor in all of this. He laughed but only when he was done.

Good for you, Ellen to try a half marathon. It will be a breeze for you. If you get up to 20 minutes a day 3-4 times a week, you’ll finish it in good shape. No sweat. Reid, it wouldn’t hurt you to lace ‘em up a few times a week for 20-30 minutes. Good stress reliever, too. Of course, it’s easy for me to coach from the couch.

Love, dad

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  1. Sad that many NFL players are so rough around the edges. They need to be taught some ethics courses. Too bad tennis doesn’t get those kind of salaries or press exposure. Congrats to Andy Murray the new Wimbledon Champion!

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