Riding the beach at Hilton Head…

As Ellen and Reid get on with their lives, the chances to really get everyone together are fewer and further between. When we do get that chance, we’d better make the most of it.


July 29, 2013

Ellen/Reid: As is typical, I was procrastinating on the housing for a Thanksgiving family-a-thon. Since February or March I’ve told myself ‘Call RCI to get a place for Thanksgiving’ and was kicking myself as of late because that window was in all likelihood closed. So when I did get off my rump to make the call, my first option was already filled. But the operator said ‘let me check other availability along the coast’ and sure enough she instantly came up with what would have been my real first choice had I thought it was there for the taking, Ocean Palms, on Hilton Head.

Reid on shore patrol a few years ago at Hilton Head. If the weather is good, we'll spend a lot of time at the water's edge this T-Day.

Reid on shore patrol a few years ago at Hilton Head. If the weather is good, we’ll spend a lot of time at the water’s edge this T-Day.

An incredible place. Not sure why it was still open but it was and we’ve got it. It’s one of those spots where from the deck Emma might even spy a stray alligator in the adjacent waterway. Reid, if Liz has any 11th hour change in plans, let me know. She is welcome to come down. It will be fun to get Emma poking around on the beach, so let’s hope the weather is halfway decent that weekend. As discussed, you and I, Reid, will do all the cooking. There’s a great semi-sports bar right on the beach a short walk from the unit so we can even hang there. You guys have been there, haven’t you? It overlooks the Westin pool. We can rent bikes, walk, (run, since you guys are working towards a half marathon) or veg. Reid, you and Tim can fish and I might play a round of golf.

I will make air arrangements quickly. The suggestion is for you all to fly into Savannah, GA or maybe even Charleston. If you came into Charlotte, that would be nice but it would be a hefty 3.5 hour drive each way, and no need to subject you guys to that. We’ll probably need a rental car to transport all of Emma’s gear. So if I prod you guys on the early securing of flights, just roll with it. My suggestion is to arrive midday Wednesday (or anytime before 4 p.m.). I’ll have already checked in and have the unit squared away with T-Day food, wine/beer and whatnot. Sorry about the couch, Reid, but that may be your bunk. I have absolutely no idea what a pack-and-play is, Ellen, but we will get one somehow.

Moving on, this is week #2 of hitting the gym. I get there about 8:45 after my early morning work, which typically starts about 6:15 or 6:20. For now the regimen isn’t overly long, about a half hour on the elliptical plus a few minutes of floor work and pilates. I’ve taken to charting my weight on a piece of paper taped to some artwork in the bathroom, and it’s way too early to notice any trend, although I am trying to eat somewhat less. It’s hard to combine the workout and my 2.5 mile walk on the same day. Maybe once I get in better shape it will be doable. I’ve been thinking of a bicycle, but watching the distain motorists have for pedal bikers, you put yourself at risk on our roads.

The GOP-centric legislature here has pretty much wrapped up their dirty work. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why they slice education, stifle voting rights, or allow guns on school property. Wouldn’t a business favor a progressive state rather than a backwater? The legislative ‘necks boast about what they accomplished for business, and say we’re now ‘open for business’ but hell if I would relocate any business down here. Competitive taxes are important, sure, but if you knew that your potential work force, 5-10-15 years down the road might not be as educated as you want, is that something that would help me? Probably not. Republicans say public education is broken, but their fix is vouchers that favor only private schools as a ‘choice.’ Nonsense. They yammer about values that made this country great, and that happens to be public education. They are only helping to perpetuate a lower class. At some point relatively soon as well as down the road, North Carolina will reap the benefit of this investment, much to our detriment.

Love, dad


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