The intellectual side of Reid in Seattle…

Turns out we missed Reid in Seattle by a matter of a scant few days. His visit was a little more eclectic than ours.


Reid at the EMP Museum in Seattle. He's always had a curious and intellectual side to him.  We may not have seen that in his formative years, but we see it now. (Photo: Chase Turner)

Reid at the EMP Museum in Seattle. He’s always had a curious and intellectual side to him. We may not have seen that in his formative years, but we see it now. He was in the NW for a Phish concert with buddies but he took in the cultural portion of the Emerald City, too. (Photo: Chase Turner)

August 5, 2013

Ellen/Reid: Well, you can kiss the greenbelt behind the house goodbye. We got a note from the city zoning department notifying us and other homeowners within 300 feet of the project that the 5.5 acres that is now bordered in solid greenery is being developed into what appear to me to be mega-mansions. It’s quite the downer. Felicia worries about what will happen to the deer we see grazing on our shrubbery, the resident hawk that watches from our pines, and the frogs that relentlessly croak in the uncovered stream right behind us. It’s depressing to think of the canopy going away. More of man’s incursion into the natural world, but I suppose the folks said the same when my neighborhood was developed 20 years ago or so. The only question is where is the lot line for the new development. From the plat they circulated, it might be 50 feet away from the creek, so perhaps not all the greenery will be lost. I’ve called the city about it, but as you would expect, no response thus far. The guy who owns the property is named Phillips, and I see him on a lot of my Saturday and Sunday walks since he’s up early in the morning walking his little dog. I mentioned the sale to him yesterday, and he said his tax bill was $22,000/year which was a little steep for a retiree. I couldn’t grind on him because it’s just the way things go. Let’s hope they don’t scour the land down to the nubbins or at least to the creek. It would be nice to keep some vestige of green.

Played golf three times this weekend and had the same score each time – 82. It could be so much lower but my golf psyche just won’t allow it. My swing is making baby steps toward improvement but isn’t all the way there, yet.

Washington and Oregon seem ages ago. Seems like we were just boarding the plane to head West. I don’t typically buy lottery tickets but perhaps now is the time to try my luck. If I win, you both win.

This starts the third week of working out at the gym. Feeling a tiny bit of improvement although the damned scale has yet to provide independent verification of progress. Maybe it needs to be replaced with a more user-friendly model. Ellen, I did get the coconut oil and will try it this week although it doesn’t sound particularly appetizing to me. I didn’t even know they could extract oil out from coconuts. Apparently I wasn’t paying attention in science class (along with many other classes, too). But I’m willing to try anything – including tofu – if that’s what it takes. I’ve wandered the market looking for tofu but must not be searching hard enough since I have yet to find it. Trust me, there will be no tofu turkey at Thanksgiving. We will have the real thing.

The tomato plant out front is still alive and producing as we try to stave off the HOA Garden Nazis in the development. No one has threatened me with any other sanctions – perhaps they will go after my herbs – but there is an apparent stalemate. The tomatoes we do harvest will taste that much sweeter. If the plant keeps the zealots awake at night, so much the better.

Okay, that’s enough meanderings for one day. I am so glad about Thanksgiving at Hilton Head. There’s gonna be a whole lot of vegging goin’ on. Felicia and I will be glad to babysit Emma as long as you change her diaper before you head out the door. No chance you can potty train her, is there?

Love, dad


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