All the news that’s fit to print…

Yeah, today is something of a mixed bag. To borrow from the New York Times, Ellen and Reid see all the news that’s fit to print.


August 26, 2013

Ellen/Reid: Reid, my head is still abuzz about your good job news. That is incredible. You have persevered and it has paid off in spades. That is just so cool. I wish, though, I could vacation like you: Seattle for a concert, then a couple of weeks later you jet to NYC and the Poconos, etc. Somehow when I was your age a big weekend was lounging around Des Moines trying to figure out which bars had the cheapest beer. But what you did is just so awesome in every sense of the word. Can’t wait to come to Chicago to celebrate, although there is no clue as to when that will be. Sometime, for sure.

There is, however, a trip scheduled next month to Kohler, Wisconsin with Dave Dahlquist, Dave Hemminger and Bob Furstenau for an extended weekend of so-so golf but big-time eating. We’ll be up there

Yours truly, Bob, D2 and D1 one at an undisclosed, but swank, golf location in Florida. This is pretty near a highlight of the year. Watch out, Wisconsin.

Yours truly, Bob, D2 and D1 one at an undisclosed, but swank, golf location in Florida. This is pretty near a highlight of the year. Watch out, Wisconsin.

Sept. 19-22. My plane goes to Milwaukee and they drive up from Iowa to pick me up and off we go. The courses up there are really nice and although the weather can be iffy, we’ll make do and play as much as we can. Ellen, tell Tim one time up there on Stonehouse business there were gigantic salmon heading up one of the feeder rivers that passed through one of the courses and on into Lake Michigan. The big fish looked like logs moving in the water. This is like our fourth such venture, or is it five? Washington state, Charlotte, Florida, Costa Rica. This will make it five.

There is some melancholy news. Felicia is moving out this weekend after only eight months of cohabitation. We will still be an item she says, but after 20+ years of living by herself she just wanted ‘space’. Don’t ask me what that’s code for. But who am I to argue? That’s just the way it is although it is disappointing. It’s okay. It really is. I offered to do a better job of furnishing the lower floor for her as a little private space but she said no dice. She’ll move less than half a mile from here, and I’ve told her the door is always open. You both will be kept in the loop. We are slated, until further notice, to take a trip on the Harley down toward Savannah in a week or so.

I’ve obsessed a bit on this radioactive water that is about to break through to the open ocean at the damaged Fukashima nuclear plant in Japan. All hell will break loose once it does. There goes a portion of the food chain. Pond raised shrimp, catfish and tilapia, here we come. On the local front, the all-knowing Guv here, a stooge to the Tea Party interests of the national GOP, signed a bill greatly reducing environmental regulations as ‘anti-business’ for North Carolina. We don’t even have the good sense down here to protect ourselves. We will no doubt attract business, but they will be the ilk of businesses that have a political bent or anti-Obamacare stance, not the sort of businesses that will put a diverse, educated, community-oriented work force into place. No quality business would dare ask their employees to make such a move to our backwater of a state.

Okay, enough harping. Not all news is bad news. I will teach news writing at the local community college next spring and am excited about that. They reached to the bottom of the barrel and found me. Ha. My golf this weekend was tepid but there are rays of light (which offset moments of utter stupidity on the course). Yes, Ellen, there is a commitment to visit St. Paul on Oct. 27 so Emma and I can cheer you guys on in your half marathon. With the shape you guys are in, you could do 26.2 in a jiffy. No problem.

I’m out of here, figuratively speaking. According to the weather you guys are broiling in the Midwest, and that can only mean the heat is headed this way. So what else is new?

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  1. Tom

    Dave, sorry to hear the melancholy news. I hope it is as Felicia says it is. We really enjoyed meeting her and thought you two were good for each other. Our best to you and her. Cousin Tom

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