No ice cream but who’s counting the days – hours or minutes?

Well, life can’t be exciting, pedal to the metal, hold-on-to-your-seat and thrill-a-minute all the time. Yeah, I might dream about that faster pace but there is, and will be, long stretches of the hum drum. Such is my life. Nothing even remotely earthshaking in last week’s note.


October 1, 2013

Ellen/Reid: Well, when the shit hits the fan it does so in high volume and the fan is blowing full tilt right towards me. That’s how it feels these last couple of days. Work starts at 6:20 a.m. and I’ve been logging off/calling it a day/surrendering/throwing in the towel at about 6 p.m. with not much to show for it. Such is life. But I’ve got later this month in St. Paul and then Thanksgiving in Hilton Head to look forward to. It will be fun. Reid, I’ll get us a couple of chef’s hats, and maybe one for assistant head cook, Emma.

My new fav hat pretty much sums things up these days. If you want one, let me know. But you gotta be an old dog.

My new fav hat pretty much sums things up these days. If you want one, let me know. But you gotta be an old dog.

The bathroom scale has been a little more truthful these past few days so I’ve pulled back on plans to toss it frisbie style out the top floor window. Morning workouts at the seedy little gym I frequent are entering a third month and there are some results but not enough for real publication. It’s just not as easy to lose weight at this stage of the age game. I suspect it’s the exercise of pushing away from the table that might make the most difference. To my credit, there’s been no ice cream for the last 10 days (and six hours and 47 minutes) but who’s counting?

I really flubbed up on my blogging class at the local community college. I thought it began on Wednesday of last week, but I got a call from the college Wednesday morning asking ‘where were you last night?’ A total screw up on my part but the plan is to take cookies tonight to smooth any ruffled feathers.

So the government shutdown started today. I think the Tea Partiers and their GOP ilk are now officially over the edge. They can distort things like nobody’s business but you have to tip your hat to them for that acquired skill. They of the alleged jobs-jobs-jobs focus and all they want to do is continue a year’s long war against modernization of health care that started in Massachusetts as a GOP idea. My little 45 minute ER visit (30 minutes of it waiting in the lobby) earlier this year that ended up with a prescription – and a $5,000 bill – is enough evidence, at least to me, that the system is broken. $5,000 for 2-3 minutes with the doctor and a slip of paper to take to my neighborhood CVS pharmacy? How is the average person supposed to deal with such exorbitance? Or is that extortion? I’m no health care expert, but damn, there has to be a better way. The GOP is just a bunch of crazed idiots, notably here in the South and Midwest. Tack on their lunacy on global warming, voting rights, immigration, the stalled agriculture bill, etc., and it’s not a pretty picture. I wish they would spend as much time on those issues. It is amazing that they get any middle class votes.

My tomato plant is persistent in its production of tasty little fruit up to the last moment, yet it’s about to get jerked from the pot and tossed into the green belt. I’ll keep the basil going as long as possible since it is the best of the herbs. The HOA garden Nazis have said nothing the last month or so. Maybe they’re stealing basil without my knowledge or consent. The developers that will dig up the ground behind us gave some residents a tour to show where the lot lines will be, but mostly I wanted assurance that many of the trees in the greenbelt will be saved. They said as much, but until you see the bulldozers and chain saws in action, you’ll never know. If they go too far, I’m not afraid to become a late-in-life tree hugger.

Okay, gotta go. It won’t be long before we’re all together and you know what that means – lots of food and naps.

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