Getting my jabs in…

Yes, I do get my jabs in against my new home state. But the digs are deserved. North Carolina is the new color of red but that doesn’t mean a lot of us have to like it.


October 7, 2013

Ellen/Reid: They say we’re in line for a little moisture from the tropical storm that sort of petered out in the Gulf but is still pushing rain our way. We could use a little bit of precip, at least enough to keep me indoors so I don’t have to take another walk to pick up trash. But really, it would be okay with me if we got a good dousing. As they used to say in the Midwest, it would be “good for the beans.” Or maybe that was the corn. Either way, we’re not living in the Midwest anymore, Toto.

Had a pretty calm weekend as weekends go. We listened to some live music at a bike night on Friday and watched a drunken woman dance or, rather, grind. It passes for cheap entertainment down in these parts. That or we’re just easily amused. Saturday I golfed in gorgeous weather, and the same for Sunday. Ellen, you’ll castigate your dad, but the sinner in me bolted from the church service about halfway through and head to the golf course. I walked on and picked up a game. The course paired me with two lesbians, Sheryl and Tina, visiting the Carolinas from Chicago expressly for golf. It was just an absolute riot. They were fun to play with and pretty good sticks. They weren’t aware of the overtly anti-gay sentiment down here but that didn’t matter on the course. Sheryl runs three little businesses and was wondering about the relocation climate down here, and I told her to forget about it from the social issues standpoint. She said she kind of thought so, too.

My apologies to Mr. Trudeau for the unauthorized use, but this was too good to pass up.

My apologies to Mr. Trudeau for the unauthorized use, but this was too good to pass up.

Ellen, don’t sweat the half marathon too much. If you can run 3-4-5 miles several times a week from now through the end of October, you’ll jet through the race. That doesn’t mean you can go fast, but if the goal is to run it, you will breeze through the course and live to tell about it. Of course, Emma and I will be sipping on whatever we want to and sitting down on the closest bench, but we’ll do our best to bring you and Tim home. Good for you guys to try that distance. Reid, it wouldn’t hurt you to lace ‘em up. You’re not in bad shape as it is.

My place is becoming increasingly disorganized. Clothes to be folded, mail to be opened (and answered). I dunno. In one sense it would be good for you to come through here for Thanksgiving because it would force a wholesale cleanup/organization. But you’re not so things will probably remain in the status quo. If the amount of paper laying around here was water, I’d be treading in it. If I kicked right now, what a mess you two would have on your hands.

There was a wonderful Doonesbury strip in the Sunday comics. It was a major lampoon of North Carolina and all the insidious things our legislature is foisting on the populace; i.e. denial of voting rights, penalties if you factor in climate change into some business proposals, putting a beat down on public education, etc. It was morbidly funny although it probably raised the dander of the Republican crowd. At the least it should raise their dander or their sensibilities about jobs (i.e. see Sheryl above). One more reason to keep subscribing to the paper.

Your uncle called from my 45th high school reunion on Friday night. Sort of makes me feel like a cad for not going but it was much more comfortable to stay here. Not that I’m into people avoidance, but it was just better to stay here.

That’s a wrap for this week. I so can’t wait to see all you guys. I’ll try to pretend you were coming here instead of Savannah and will start the clean up soon. Very soon.


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2 responses to “Getting my jabs in…

  1. Josh Yauney

    Only a liberal would consider “Voter ID Laws” suppression…..laughable! I’m surprised there was no reference to the Conservative “War on women, the war on the elderly, the war on the the poor, the war on the handicapped, the war on the environment”…. Or any other chicken little political cliche possible! David…your such a good writer but Doonesbury is so disingenuous and predictable…something actually clever would have helped the post immensely!

    Hope you are well,

    • Hey, Josh, good to hear from you. How did you leave Omaha? What are you up to? You know, I do think the voter stuff (“restore integrity to voting”) is trumped up, I really do. There’s a black guy in the White House and now everyone gets worked up. There’s no widespread voter fraud. You have to look at it in lump sum; voter ID (gee, we didn’t have that for decades), shorter voting hours, no on-campus voting. That’s what I’m getting at. I hear virtually nothing about Stonehouse. What’s the word these days?


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