A walk in the dark and a hoot owl…

Time does fly by; I was wondering this morning what year Ellen first went to college because that’s when she got her first weekly letter 13 or 14 years ago. If I was into pain, I could always look at the tuition receipts to verify the year.


October 15, 2013

Ellen/Reid: The leaves around here have determined their growing season has been long enough; and en masse they’ve decided to fall of their own volition regardless of color. As I look out the back window, most are still some shade of green, meaning they have some ways to go before they would really have to give up the ghost. But they’re falling anyway. As least I don’t have to rake them up. It brings back memories of burning sycamore and oak leaves in a huge, smoldering pile in the driveway on Polk Blvd., Ellen, when you were just a peanut and it was still allowable to clog the air with smoke.

My green belt is beginning to shed the green veil of leaves that block from view all that is behind it. The leaves don't care about pronouncements about a change of season; they're dropping anyway.

My green belt is beginning to shed the green veil of leaves that block from view all that is behind it. The leaves don’t care about pronouncements about a change of season; they’re dropping anyway.

It means my Saturday and Sunday walks start in the dark at 6:30 a.m., and now I’ve taken to wearing a jacket as I walk my path. The coffee helps but it would be nice if it were lighter sooner. I had only gone a few hundred yards this past Saturday when I heard this loud “hoot!” directly above me in the tree canopy. I never could see the owl but he hooted again as if to assure me of his location. That’s what is so pleasant about the morning quiet; listening to the birds and other non-auto sounds.  Of course all that serenity changes when I plod along near the six lanes of Fairview Road. It’s right about then that I go about the chore of picking up trash.

Tom Bohr and I are hopeful another 2-3-4 people sign up to chug along the trail of the Bridger with us next July. Reid, you should go (maybe Liz, too). If it is just the two of us, however, we’ll still head west nonetheless. The only thing I’ll have to do is get Tom to dial back his walking pace. It was hard to keep up last year – in fact I couldn’t keep up. My aluminum fly rod case (aka surrogate walking staff) will likely have to be replaced since the end plug fell out. I hate to part with it since it served that purpose for all these years. Maybe it’s worth trying to jury rig another plug. We’ve approached a few people at church but the prospect of more walkers isn’t overly promising.

I am getting juiced about the trip to Minnesota and your T-Day visit to Hilton Head. It’s time Emma

The object of my affection - Emma.

The object of my affection – Emma.


got a taste of one of gramp’s waffles and some breakfast bread. Ellen, you have to help me with the toys/books Emma would likely want to play with down here. Toys can always be shipped to St. Paul when she’s done. The plan is to use either Felicia’s Jeep or rent some vehicle to haul all the gear you guys will have. Right now it sounds like the Savannah airport is the right place to find an SUV that would get the job done.

My blog class is starting up and it’s a good bunch of attentive students. I still fall short on the technical side and am more suited to the writing/content part of it. But so far they haven’t noticed and it is fun although it’s frustrating for me to not know more about the code/minutia side of WordPress, which is the blog platform most are using. The problem is an attractive blog will make up for a lot of writing faults. That’s sort of a news year resolution; start to learn more about things that I’ve just been getting by with, i.e. computing, reading (reading a lot more) and becoming a study-er type of person. All this knowledge is coming my way and I’m not doing a whole hell of a lot about it.

Kind of like Ruzzle. You guys have just been creaming me and I’m supposed to know words. You are doubling my scores and I don’t see how the hell you do it. Hey, maybe that ought to become a new method of multitasking during meetings. Why didn’t you suggest that before?

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