Disaster written all over it…

December 23, 2013

Ellen/Reid: I suppose one can take singular pride in that I didn’t venture once this holiday season over to Charlotte’s showpiece mall less than a mile away. You guys made shopping (online) incredibly easy so there was no need to fight the traffic or the shopping zealots. Actually, it likely would have been faster to walk to the mall than drive and try to find a parking space. The traffic was just bonkers over and around the mall and there was absolutely no need to watch the Santa machine churn through a line of whining kids while parents flashed a credit card for photos. I do reserve the right to go over for the post-Christmas sales once the crowds have died down, however.

Some friends have cajoled me to play golf on both Christmas and New Year’s Day and that seems like a pretty good idea.

What seemed like a good idea on paper - play golf on Christmas day - had disaster written all over it. It was 28 degrees at the start. This photo doesn't begin to show all the shivering.

What seemed like a good idea on paper – play golf on Christmas day – had disaster written all over it. It was 28 degrees at the start. This photo doesn’t begin to show all the shivering.

I don’t mind being down here for the holidays, and I know what kind of pressures are on you guys to go hither and yon. It’s good your mom is in the Twin Cities with both of you. John has invited me over to dinner with his family after he’s done preaching the Christmas Eve service at Caldwell Presbyterian. A mild protest was made to not interfere in his precious family time, but secretly I didn’t mind being asked. It’s good of him and he’s a good guy. I’ll take over some of that breakfast bread they can bake Christmas morning.

Caught a couple of flicks the last couple of Friday nights. The latest Hobbit installment is kind of a dud. C+ at best. Sequels rarely live up to the original. A waste of 3-D glasses in this instance.

I may head to Des Moines after the first of the year to check out the real estate market. It seems to me that living in the Twin Cities (especially if you move up there, Reid) would squeeze you both a little too much. I could be comfortable being an arms length away, in this case a reasonable drive in either distance to St. Paul or Chicago. Not being in a relationship certainly makes this all plausible. I’m wrestling with the split time thing between the Midwest and North Carolina, so I am all ears if you have any suggestions. I don’t know that I’m ready to give up on North Carolina entirely. Geez, it’s been 7 and a half years here. Doesn’t seem possible.

It rained all last night. Must’ve been pretty heavy from the look of the stream out in the back. This morning it was running fast and very high and the color of North Carolina clay mud. No deer sightings in the last couple of days. Some Hispanic workers have been reworking the moldings on the units here, and they’ve set up a de facto shop in the little open space just behind the house. They work hard and seem industrious.

You should take some joy in that I didn’t rub in our temps in the 70s this past weekend. Wore shorts on the golf course yesterday. Not a lot of people to see my milky white legs. It’s better that way for all concerned.


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