A wrap on Christmas, a 60’s band and a new friend…

Self-sufficiency is a good thing over the holidays when the distance between you and your kids is measured in hundreds of miles. A good 60’s band, some cold weather golf and an unexpected new friend help to remedy that, as they learned last week.


December 30, 2013

Ellen/Reid: The fake little Christmas tree went down without so much as a fight yesterday while I watched football. In the space of 20 minutes all the ornaments and lights were tucked away until just after T-Day 2014. Anyway, it was raining cats and dogs so it was a good time to stay indoors and get some stuff done. Contributing to the indoors work was a heavy price paid cold and sore throat-wise for the idiocy of playing golf in 25 degree weather on Christmas day. But the Christmas season is now a wrap. Your adventures up in MSP with your mom looked fun.

New Year’s Eve should be pretty quiet, too. No real plans other than heading to a blues place to hear a ‘60s band. I tried to rally a bunch of people from my golf group to go but that went over like a lead balloon. But I still plan on heading there for a couple of hours although I will be out the door long before the clock strikes midnight. Instead of party hardy it’s more like party hardly.

I’ve settled on a new friend – a 14” seagoing kayak that is kind of a hybrid in that it’s made for fishing but it is fast enough and light enough for general paddling. It has enough storage room for a tent and other overnight gear

Room for one: this baby can handle the saltwater flats. A new adventure and a good springtime gig for redfish.

Room for one: this baby can handle the saltwater flats and my overnight gear. A new adventure/challenge and a good springtime gig for redfish.

plus they say you can drill holes in it (measure twice, drill once) for rod holders and such. A reasonable commitment would be to head toward the salt marshes once a month or so for some solo fishing. Ellen, Tim is really going to have to school me on how to go after ‘reds’ since I have zero experience in these matters. I won’t fly fish for them. It’s a whole new learning curve. Reid, I can’t do worse than our ill-fated deep sea excursion with Captain Curly and his goofy crewmen Moe and Larry last Christmas. What a disaster. But I am super excited about this. I also need to get away from golf for a little while and there’s nothing wrong with going casting a line every so often. Geez, I’ll have most of the boy-toys covered: an old Harley, golf clubs and a kayak.

Going to the YMCA all these mornings to watch people buff up has me thinking about marathoning again. Not running one, but coaching serious runners. My 2:24 and sub 30 minute 10K times should buy me some credibility although I don’t know how to go about it other than posting a note in the locker room. I don’t want to get involved with running clubs and the like but would rather work with one or two individuals who want to put the pedal to the metal in the 2:40 – 2:20 range. That would be interesting and a lot of fun. We’ll see if there are any takers.

It’s a safe bet there will be no more pigs knuckles in my bean soup concoction. Man, you talk about bursting your balloon. I thought it would be savory, and while it did add flavor,

Just say 'no' to pig's knuckles.

Just say ‘no’ to pig’s knuckles.

you just can’t eat the damn things unless you like gristle and cartilage. There’s more meat to be had on a scrawny chicken wing than what was on those. From now on it’s just chunks of ham. I suppose you have to experiment once in a while.

For some odd reason I’ve seen more deer out back than I’ve ever seen in more than 7 years. I’m not sure what is pushing their movement but 3 – 4 idling in the greenbelt every day is commonplace. Once the housing development starts in the spring just behind my place and a block or so to the south, the deer will be squeezed out and I won’t see them any more which will be too bad.

Okay, I’m outta here. Got to head to Bed, Bath & Beyond for a new All Clad skillet since there’s no telling what happened to the one we took to Hilton Head. It’s just gone. Talk to you both soon.


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