Hunkering down, a Sharp-shinned hawk dines and golf for a beer…

Razzing the kids about our balmier-than-yours weather is great sport for their old man. They’d roll their eyes if you asked them how many times I’ve dumped on them about weather. They’re used to the jabs.


January 13, 2014

Ellen/Reid: This time last week it was 7 degrees and the locals – me included – were hunkering down. Coldest in a decade said the weather gurus. You guys are crying crocodile tears given the freeze box you’ve been trapped in but it’s likely all relative. Cold is cold. A couple of days later, though, it was back in the 60s and I was outside walking and golfing. What it does do is bolster the idea of split time between here and the Midwest. Reid, you need to bring me up to speed on your suggestion about short term rentals. I could live with that.

Something back in the greenbelt caught my eye last week. It was a Sharp-shinned hawk tearing some hapless beast to shreds. I got out the binocs but could make out quite what he was eating chunk by chunk. The hawk was very handsome. He (or she?) was clearly in no rush to gulp down the meal. It stood on a log and went rip-rip-rip. It was probably at least 45 minutes while he/she ingested his prey. That was fun to see although the victim obviously didn’t think so. Wish I had a Nikon with a 500mm telephoto lens. Where’s the Nikkormat when you need it? Do you still have that beast, Reid?

I got two new bosses in the space of one week. Yeesh. Betsy thinks it might be some type of world record. Monday’s boss made the handoff to the new guy (who’ve I’ve known and is a nice guy) on Friday. I’ll roll with the punches and am nothing if not adaptable. My eye remains on retirement.

I had as much fun on the golf course yesterday as I’ve had in a long time. The weather was sunny and within an eyelash of 60 degrees. There were just four of us so I was spared putting together pairings for a larger group.

Stalwarts in my golf group: Pam, Ray and Ruth. This pretty much is my social life.

Stalwarts in my golf group: Pam, Ray and Ruth. This pretty much is my social life.

It was women against the men for a cold beer, and my boy Ray made a couple of good shots to pull things out on the last hole. I wasn’t a hell of a lot of help to him. He pretty much carried the day. You can check out my golf group on Meetup (look for Golf for One) in Charlotte. I post a lot of pictures.

Continuing to keep my head down and legs moving forward at the Y. Things are coming around. I’m there for maybe 40 minutes and that’s a good timeframe for me. There are people who obviously there way before I get there and they are working it when I leave. I don’t know that I have the innate interest to be there for much longer than I am. It’s very evident I lag well behind the fashion parade when it comes to workout attire. It’s almost a style show of spandex and polyester fibers. If I ever wear a sleeveless shirt to show my non-guns, shoot me.

For the first time in my existence, I tasted tofu last weekend. In truth it was pretty good. It was for the most part a block of the white stuff that had been sautéed. Not much could go wrong with that but how people tolerate tofu turkeys is beyond me. Really, it was good although the first bite tasted as much of apprehension as anything. I’m game to try it again, maybe even at home. I had a half hour chat today with a fitness coach that’s part of a bank program, and she encouraged me to continue to set aside red meat (although, Reid, I reserve the right to have a New York strip with you up in Chicago or down here when you and Liz visit. You can’t give up all the good stuff.).

Okay, time for me to vamoose. Got some work to do and my church newsletter is also on the docket for my free time. Give Emma a squeeze, and Reid, talk to Liz about a time to get you down to Charlotte. We can even show her horse farms although the nags I’ve seen aren’t to her standards.

Love, dad


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