All the socialization I need…

“All the news that’s fit to print” says the New York Times. So it is that Ellen and Reid see the good with the not-so-good.


January 21, 2014

Ellen/Reid: About all I’m sure of this week is that our weather is better than your weather. And that’s probably not saying a whole hell of a lot given that tonight we may get some freezing precip. We played golf yesterday in the sunny 60s so whatever we get later on today may be a bit of payback by the Almighty. It would serve to test our collective mettle. The lot of us down here are a bunch of weather wimps.

I guess there’s this new reality TV show Party Down South in which the only reality is it’s more ‘necks getting drunk. I haven’t seen it – I won’t see it – but it must offer up quite the image the South wants to project as a backwater region. Maybe it’s in keeping with us as multi-state populace that is hell bent on snubbing public education and all that learnin’ that goes with it. Good God, we deserve everything we get. It’s morbidly hilarious. When I was in Journalism School at Nebraska, we had a j-professor named Dr. Walklin (really a humorless and hard but inspiringly great teacher) who called this sort of programming the lowest common denominator, that is, it would appeal to the largest swath of audience. Man, they hit that right. Don’t start me on those Duck morons. I haven’t seen that either but having shot my share of ducks back in the day, it occurs to me ‘How many ducks can one family eat?’ Trust me, a little duck goes a long way. That show has gotta be more of that denominator stuff.

I’m dating a little bit and it’s not turning out so well. There was one where I said “Hello” and that was almost literally the last thing I got to say. There was no way to shoehorn in another word, let alone a full sentence. I was trying very hard not to look at my watch. That is things in a nutshell. To be sure there have been a couple of nice people. My intent was to just get out but now I just want to stay in. That has its merits. My golf group is perhaps all the socialization I need.

Here's a few participants in my social group: golfers. It's probably all I need.

Here’s a few participants in my social group: golfers. It’s probably all I need.

Every Saturday morning very early I see an older gentleman out walking his dog. His name is Tom Philips and years ago he sold developers a chunk of land that now bears his name: Philips Place, that upscale eatery/shops place where you guys and I would eat. Tom is a good guy and we talk sports a few minutes before parting. He lives on the parcel directly behind my house, and now he’s sold that too for development. In a week or so he and his wife move out to head up the way to posh Lake Norman. I’ll miss seeing him. He called me a ‘good man’ last week for doing what I do, which is to pick up junk.

My old awful Acer laptop finally gave up the ghost and trying to transition my Caldwell church newsletter to Pages on the MacBook Air has been a complete and utter disaster. It’s nearly incomprehensible for me to understand the instructions and nuances. I went up to the Apple store last week for guidance and the young people armed with iPhones and iPads working the floor looked at me like I was an idiot, which I may well be. They keep telling me how ‘intuitive’ these Apple products are, but if indeed my Mac and Pages are thusly so, I’ve yet to feel the vibes.

Reid, seriously, let me know when you and Liz can come down there or me up there. Send me some dates that work for you guys. Ellen, I’ll keep working for a warm weather thing. Based on our FaceTimes, it looks like you guys could use it. Couldn’t we all.

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