The bottom of the barrel…

As far as ‘hard news’ value goes, last week’s letter was at the very bottom of the barrel. The very bottom.


January 27, 2014

Ellen/Reid: I know you both could store perishable food outside right now in the negative temperatures you’re suffering, but the 50 degrees we have at this moment will evaporate later today when it drops into the lower 20s. Florida can’t come soon enough. Reid, are you interested in joining us? We might make that happen.

A chunk of tooth plopped out yesterday on the golf course. I have no idea what happened to it, but there’s dental work in my immediate future. It’s not too bothersome right now. Thank goodness for insurance. Considering all the hours spent in my lifetime in the dentist’s/torturer’s chair, it is just another day at the office.

There were 11 deer huddled up at once in plain view behind the house last week. By the time I retrieved my camera, they had all moved on in the undergrowth to points South. That is the biggest herd I’ve seen out back. No wonder local gardeners are upset; when those four legged lawn mowers move through they can trim plants to the ground. It is interesting how they nonchalantly cope with the human element. They are fun to watch. I’m just glad my lettuce is on the front porch.

The price of stamps is going up today according to a story in the Charlotte Observer. Quick postal history lesson: when this letter writing campaign began in 2001, the cost of a first class stamp was 34¢. It will go up 3 cents to 49¢. I don’t care. It’s still the best investment I ever made (other than plane tickets to get you down here, of course). Just makes the cost of doing my business that much higher. No big deal.

Finally sucked it up and made the conversion from the insipid MicroSoft program to Apple’s Pages for my 12 page church newsletter. It will be wholly much simpler, faster and easier. I spent hours last week trying to learn the ropes and finally got it down enough to produce the newsletter on time. The printer used the wrong printer to produce the printed copies but the PDF looks great. It’s a big improvement over how I’d done it before. As I get a little more comfortable with it, things should be even better. I don’t know why it took so long for me to get over the fright of using a new machine/format. I must be a late – a very late – adopter.

My friends Jill and Troy invited me over for dinner on Saturday night and we had a great time. Ellen, you remember Troy from our Bridger Wilderness excursion. Great people. We had steaks and some risotto. It was fabulous. Risotto takes a long time to create – it needs near-constant stirring – but it’s already up near the top of my culinary bucket list, it was that good. Troy knows all things tech, and he will probably school me on using my iPhone to create a sound system in the house. He was ‘streaming’ Pandora and for all the world I thought it was a CD player. One of these days I’ll come into the new world order and get this figured out.

Okay, time to get away from this and get back to work. My email inbox is already starting to pile up, and that’s just in the 15 minutes it took to write this. Talk to you both sooner than later.

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