My golf and our better weather…

It’s been tough sledding weather-wise for Ellen and Reid all winter long. I have to rub in our somewhat milder winters at every opportunity even though the 24 hour forecast calls for 5-10″ of snow in Charlotte. But that’s another story for next week because the locals are all loony about the impending storm.


Feb. 3, 2014

Ellen/Reid: Reid, you really know how to make my day. I mean, taking that birthday call yesterday on the golf course just made me laugh out loud. Listening to your short voicemail was so fun. My playing companions thought you were just a scream. It’s the thought that counts – even if the best wishes were a week early. In your defense I always had a tough time with your grandparent’s birthdays. Never could get those quite right so you and I share that same bond. At least you had the right month.

Yesterday was as I’ve hit the ball since I’ve been down here – nearly 8 years. My swing was shorter and that just brings me so much happiness so hopefully there won’t be a return of the too-tense swing. I’ve just got to relax and let it happen. I’m tired of my game going to hell in a handbasket.

I was coerced - forced, really - to have my photo taken with some of the women in my golf group. We have an incredibly strong group of women golfers.

I was coerced – forced, really – to have my photo taken with some of the women in my Golf for One  group on We have an incredibly strong core of very, very good women golfers.

Emma looks adorable – and stylish – in her new swimsuit. Let’s hope the temps cooperate so she can romp in the surf with her dad. Ellen, I likely won’t get the answers you seek until he returns sometime later this week. Even if we don’t we can always go with the flow – buy what we need and go from there. I wouldn’t sweat that small stuff. Just being down there will be good enough. If gramps has to sleep on the floor, gramps will sleep on the floor. I’ve got a shirttail friend down there and will ask her for restaurant recommendations and other spots worth seeing. I’d like to get over to the Everglades to maybe see a gator or two. But you and Tim can call the shots. I’m just along for the ride. Maybe Emma and I can hand out one night while you and TP head out.

We had snow paralysis earlier last week. We got all of a half inch. Right after making coffee I went into the garage, dusted off the plastic shovel and it took all of 10 minutes to clear the back driveway and the front walk so the newspaper woman would beat a path to my door. It reminded me of the countless times in Clive and West Des Moines where we had to fire up that auger snow thrower in sub zero temperatures early in the morning. A half inch. We would have just let that sit and melt back in the day. Something is seriously wrong, however, over in Atlanta. It must be an incredibly dysfunctional city in terms of traffic. But they do go bonkers/crazy in the South at the mere mention of snow. Our half inch caused schools to shut down for two days. What a bunch of wimps.

Didn’t watch a moment of the Super Bowl. If I had to pick teams, Denver and Seattle would be my favs but there’s just too much hype surrounding it. Instead I watched replays of the English Premier League soccer games I’d recorded earlier in the day. It’s just a much, much better sport in terms of flow and such. No stoppage of play, no replays, no democratization of sport by allowing coaches to protest injustices. Just play on. I like that a whole lot. It remains a goal of mine to go to London to see an EPL match. Reid, you ought to go with me. Maybe a retirement party of sorts. FYI … I did break the news to my bosses that I plan to slug it out for one more year then call it quits. One of them mentioned part time work after that and I gave it a thumbs up. That would be fine with me.

What’s all this blather about almond milk? Now your uncle is leaning on me about it. I’ve been using skim for decades, so what’s the big deal? He wants me to at least try it. So next time I head to the store I’ll get me some almond milk. You guys are teaming up to force me into the new culinary future. It’s not fair.

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