Not bad: the live-for-now philosophy…

What snow we had is gone, but what really has me on edge is this whole retirement thing; do it now, or do it later.

I’m leaning toward now.


Feb. 18, 2014

Ellen/Reid: I think what I learned from Florida is that I like warmth when it is cold and snowy here. Not that I am ready to jilt Charlotte for FLA-USA but it sure was nice to step into warm air that wasn’t cranked out through duct work from a gas furnace. That was very nice and certainly has its pluses. The traffic and sheer congestion would drive me bonkers but the place is secluded enough that you can retreat to your own little world.  It’s a great spot. On their coffee table was left the Friday morning Charlotte Observer front page which declared the town to be shut down. We have the same cars and the same tires as up in Chicago and St. Paul. Why do we make it so hard to deal and cope with such weather?

Let's be perfectly clear: Emma ran the show in Florida.

Let’s be perfectly clear: Emma ran the show in Florida.

Emma is just a scream. She has a mind – and a powerful sense of what she wants – of her own. Ellen, she is the apple that has not fallen very far from the tree. But that is a good thing. You don’t want kids like her to be pushovers so they might as well develop a personality of their own as soon as they can. Nothing wrong with that. Man, did she have papa wrapped uber-tightly around her finger.

The 11 inches of snow I fretted about so much last week is all but gone. It’s almost 70F here today and that usually does the trick of natural snow removal. But on Wednesday and Thursday I really sweated getting out of this burg. After scooping all the snow out of my portion of the driveway last Thursday afternoon and while the pavement was still thawed I drove the car up to one of the flat spots elsewhere in my subdivision. If it had frozen overnight and into Friday morning, even the gradual slope would have made it nigh impossible to get to the main thoroughfare. Once I got there, however, it was clear sailing and virtually no traffic all the way to the airport.

On the flip side, this was my driveway 18 hours before departure.

On the flip side, this was my driveway 18 hours before departure.

So here we are all back in the saddle at work. My inbox was choked with emails last night and this morning which took a long time to wade through and respond to. That’s what makes me shudder the most, the emails that require some sort of response even if it is just a sheer acknowledgement. But the beat goes on and things are in the groove this morning. Speaking of work, Betsy and Bob, and your uncle, have gently hit me upside the head about my pipe dream for retirement. They all but nixed the idea of part time work since Social Security severely penalizes you if you make X-amount of dollars in a year. That cuts back the amount of Social Security dollars that you can get. They encourage age 66 – sweet Jesus – but that doesn’t seem palatable to me. I kind of like the approach by one of Tim’s co-workers who takes the live-for-now philosophy. There’s something to that. I’ve yet to have the hard talk with John about his take on the brutal realities. He’s probably the arbiter of how I’m doing. It’s kind of a downer to think about it.

Tried to fire up the Harley but the battery is dead. Gotta buy a drip charger for the old girl. In all my years of bikes this is probably the worst I’ve ever prepped my black beauty so poorly. No pre-winter oil change, no placing on styrofoam to keep the tires off the concrete, no wash-and-shine. As I walked past her on my way to the gym this morning, I patted her tank and told her better days were ahead. I plan to ride the beast a lot this year. A lot.


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