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Like a lot of you, I’m sick of this dinghy – cold – drab – rainy – (insert your choice of adjective/expletive here) weather. I grind on Ellen and Reid about it ad nauseam. They’re used to it by now, I think.


March 3, 2014

Ellen/Reid: We’re supposed to get blasted by at least cold temperatures later on today. This is really getting old although that’s nothing new to you guys. What a winter of woe. We were around 70F yesterday which was nice. I walked the golf course and played lousy. I’d use harsher terms, but not in this forum and it would only be the salty language you’ve heard before.

My friend Shawn snapped this pic while we played at Rock Barn up near Hickory on Saturday. The course played brutally long in the wet conditions. But yes, playing beneath the blue Carolina sky makes it worthwhile.

My friend Shawn snapped this pic while we played at Rock Barn up near Hickory on Saturday. The course played brutally long in the wet conditions. But yes, playing beneath the blue Carolina sky makes slapping the ball around on dormant Bermuda worthwhile.

My ticket for the Bridger Wilderness in July is in hand. Tom Bohr will go with me, and that looks about it. Reid, the door is open for you to go. I can’t recall what your plans may be (we hit Jackson on Friday, July 11), but it would be a gas if you would chug along with us. I’ve got to get a new four piece rod to replace my venerable 3 weight from Los Rios Anglers. Tom is designing a new stove for cooking the trout, and I’ve got to get a new pack in the 2,500 cubic centimeter range. Too much temptation to fill the big 4,500 cc Gregory. An SUV has been rented, too. First night in Pinedale, last night in Jackson at the Four Winds.

The lettuce should be planted this week even though the weather will be stinky. The garden guru in the Saturday paper said now is the time. If I can keep the HOA garden Nazis off my back, we should be good. Almost time for cilantro, and your grandmother’s oregano is already in full growth mode.

Fired up the Harley last week after tacking on a drip charger beneath the seat to charge the dead battery. Good to hear the old girl rumble. She’s 12 years old now. I’m not convinced all the salt is off the roads as of yet, and I see a lot of riders out and about who will see some corrosion later on. Can’t wait to get out and ride a bit once the roads are ultimately clean. Haven’t been on the Blue Ridge Parkway in a while, so that sounds like a good Saturday jaunt sometime very soon.

My cousin Tom is running for city council in Salem, OR on a liberal Democratic ticket. That keeps the family tradition alive. He’d be good at it, and the city is progressive. It’s a nice town as evidenced by our ride through there last summer. I sense your uncle is getting nudged again for Congress or U.S. Senate in Nebraska. I don’t think he’d run. He’d be nothing more than cannon fodder in that red state.

Didn’t watch a moment of the Oscars last night. I think the red carpet stuff is probably more interesting but that wasn’t even enough to get me to tune in. Too bad Mike didn’t get nominated for Rush. It won him an editing award in Europe but wasn’t seen fit to be nominated this year. I would like to see some of the winners, however. I’d seen Nebraska but it didn’t appear to win anything. It was a dark horse at best. I thought Bruce Dern was pretty good.

I plan to meet later this week with a retired bank executive who wants to beat me upside the head on retirement. My guess is she will say ‘go now’ but you never know. She falls into that ‘live for today’ camp. I like what I do and can easily enough hang on but this is just part of the deciding process.

Sorry to rag you, Reid, about staying in touch more. I didn’t know your phone was on the fritz. I do want to get up Chicago way sometime after the winter has passed. Just let me know what works for you and Liz. I wouldn’t mind a return to that steak place. Damn, that meal was memorable.

Love, dad


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