Bottoms up…

The ‘Silver Stallion’ turned out to be a black plastic tube. Ride ’em cowboy. You get my drift.


March 17, 2014

Ellen/Reid: The Softail busted out of its garage jail for a maiden spring voyage to – where else? – Mac’s for a fast Left Hand Milk Stout and then back home in time to retrieve baked chicken from the oven. Felt good to get out for even a short while. Just about the time there were thoughts to give it up, I seem to enjoy it even more.

I’ll be out of pocket, as they say in bank-speak, this Thursday. I ride the ‘Silver Stallion’ – aka a colonoscopy. This is basically a process where you set aside any privacy or inhibitions you might have. The worst part is the ‘cleansing’ process which I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Haven’t experienced this indignity in 10 years but the calendar says it’s time. It will leave me in a fog but still it’s a good procedure for folks in my age group. Bottoms up!

An offer to take the Heritage Softail has been extended to Reid - he's ridden it before - but he's got no place to store it in Chicago and it's probably not a good fit for his lifestyle right now.

An offer to take the Heritage Softail has been extended to Reid – he’s ridden it before – but he’s got no place to store it in Chicago and it’s probably not a good fit for his lifestyle right now.

Demolition crews made short work of the house on the Philip’s estate next door to my development. They razed it to do site prep for a lot of new housing. Sad to see it go and even more so it ended my weekend meetings with Tom as he walked his small dog. I guess I’ve been here long enough now to see the face of the town change. I’m still not a local but am slowly working on it, sans accent. It’s kind of hard to see sizable green spaces go under the bulldozer’s blade. I suppose it is a better land use policy to cram as many homes into a space as possible. No doubt the red clay mud will run off into the little stream behind the house and that does cause me some concern. Already this morning I can hear the big machines at their mischief again.

If the clothes sent to Emma don’t fit or are hopelessly out of style, give them away to someone up in St. Paul who could use them. I’ll try to do better the next time. I miss seeing both of you (plus Tim and Liz) and really, let me stop the pleading as to when I can get up there or you here. And Reid, you ought to call Emma once in a while so she gets to know her uncle.

I stopped at Best Buy yesterday after church at Caldwell Pres. and bought a Boze docking station for the iPhone. The sales guy said the speakers would be mind blowing but I’ve yet to rig it up. I’ll pipe both the iTunes and Pandora through it. First I have to learn how to download and store the music on my MacBook Air. About time I came into the new world.

Also stopped at Orvis to look into a new four-piece 3 wt. fly rod. Of course, they tried to get me to buy the most expensive – $795 without reel – rod but I’m going to keep looking around at Sage and Cortland. My budget is probably $200 – $350, something like that. I did like the Orvis Battenkill reel for $95. Ellen, ask Tim to let me know what he thinks is be the best rod/reel solution. For obvious reasons of his expertise, I put more weight on his opinion than what was presented to me in the store. I could get a new tube for my old two piece Los Rios Anglers rod but I want new carbon fiber walking poles once I reach the Bridger in Wyoming. The case worked as a nice staff, but it’s time for an upgrade in walking technology. Besides, it doesn’t hurt, Reid, to have two rods if you come down and we head into the hills to try our luck.

Well, the alarm bells are already sounding at work so I’d best put a wrap on this for now. Ellen, let me know how the clothes/gizmos go over with Emma, and Reid, pencil me in for a visit to Chicago.

Love, dad

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