Charlotte’s entry to the Big Leagues?

I’m no politician nor do I want to be. But as a Democrat, last week was a week of shame courtesy of our dear mayor – with his pockets apparently stuffed with illicit cash.


March 31, 2014

Ellen/Reid: All that job news from last week really threw a scare into me. It makes me realize there’s only one person who’ll look out for me and that’s me. You’re only as good as your most recent good day and that’s unnerving. I’ll keep you posted on things and for the the time being I’ll keep on doing the job and will keep my nose to the grindstone. But at least one eye will be on the lookout.

Charlotte took a big slap on the kisser last week when our mayor was caught with his hand – make that both hands – in the cookie jar of graft and corruption. What a complete idiot. He was shaking people down, only he didn’t realize a lot of the shakees were G-men posing as folks trying to buy influence with briefcases and fists full – literally – of cash. The mayor’s only good move was to resign. This either knocks CLT out of the Big Leagues or, in a morbid way, gives us entry. We’re now big enough for this to happen. Not quite Chicago politics, Reid, but we’re gaining on you. It will set North Carolina Democratic politicians back for who knows how long.

Your uncle has browbeat me enough on switching to almond milk from skim that I finally relented if for no other reason than to get him off my back. But I must admit it’s better than I thought it would be. My skim went sour over the weekend so I thought I’d give the substitute a trial and it seems to be working so far. Ellen, that means the coconut oil you suggested I try may come out of the pantry for a trial run, too. I dunno. It sort of looks like congealed lard to me. But you never know.

My new Scott fly rod and Orvis reel should be here this week, and I’m waiting to hear from a group of guys who are heading into the North Carolina mountains this weekend so I can tag along with them. Most of them head into the hills on Thursday but the best I can do is take off around noon on Friday. They are a sturdy bunch of fishermen according to my friend Fritz and I’m anxious to test out the new rig in some good waters. It means I’d forgo golf for a couple of days but that wouldn’t kill me. My friend Ted and I are going back and forth on fishing kayaks so it looks like I’ll have someone to head to the saltwater flats with. REI has a couple I’m interested in, and they have a big sale on between now and April 13 – take 25% off any single purchase which would save me about $300 on the model I’m contemplating. On the other hand, I want to buy local because the store I’ve visited several times has been very helpful. But for $300 I could get a car rack and a capable rod and reel. We’ll see how it goes. Either way, I’m still excited.

I’ve taken a liking to the Liverpool Football Club over in England. A Brit in my golf group, my friend Jane, kind of got me on to them and now I’m hooked. You can add to my bucket list a trip over there to see them, or any team, in the English Premier League. I like the style of play; they play on without any of the insipid and inane timeouts and endless challenges you see in U.S. sports. Liverpool comes to Charlotte in early August and I’ll be here to watch them. I think they play Arsenal. Who cares? It will be fun to go and be a hooligan for a day.

I’m listening to Paradise by Coldplay as I write this. They are my new favorite band although I am decades late in coming to this conclusion. I’d love to see them in concert. Reid, your suggestion of Google Music has paid off handsomely. Sounds great on the new Bose system. Why the hell did it take me so long to warm up to this technology? I have only myself to blame, as I do on so many other things.

Love, Dad


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