Pipe dreams…

One adventure hasn’t even started and already the wheels are turning toward another, and then another. Pipe dreams, no doubt. Ellen and Reid haven’t opined as of yet. Perhaps I don’t want to know what they think.


June 2, 2014

Ellen/Reid: So I’m down at REI on Saturday morning to get something else for the kayak roof rack when one of the staff asks me what sort of kayak I bought. He already knew what kind of rack I got since he asked me about that, too. When I divulge the length (13’ 6”) and style of the Ocean Kayak, his face kind of goes blank and I take that for a bad sign. He immediately mumbles something to the effect that perhaps I got the wrong type of rack. His suggestion was a ‘cradle’ style rather than the J-style Yakima. Of course, in another moment of stupidity, I didn’t have the keys that lock the rack to the roof so I’ll have to make yet another trip down there – after I find the receipt – to make the exchange. He told me, too, that a kayak of that length needs to be tied down to all the corners of the car. Of course, the Toyota Camry has no tie down facility in the front. Figures. It’s never easy.

But I will press on undeterred. Here’s a hair brained scheme/dream. Once I get used to it or like it, what about paddling the Miss Emma down the entire length of the North Carolina coast, fishing as I go and staying in seedy little dives along the way, perhaps even camping. How loony is that? But what a retirement gig that would be. There’s nothing wrong with a little adventure now and then. The fuzzy little plan is to stick hard to the coast line and Inter coastal waterways. I have no earthly idea of how long it would take, where to stay, how far to go each day, what it might cost. But  guy has to dream big.

My near-barren first floor living room is strewn with gear headed to the Bridger Wilderness is scarcely over a month.

My near-barren first floor living room is strewn with gear headed to the Bridger Wilderness in scarcely over a month. On a secondary note, interior design recommendations for this naked room are welcomed.

Next month’s excursion to the Bridger isn’t here yet and my friend Tom is already floating the idea of a mammoth hike across the entirety of Colorado. He’s already got it plotted out and from the sounds of things it appears to be 30 days from start to finish. We won’t even talk about his pipe dream of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. That’s on his bucket list, too. Why the hell not? It’s better than looking up the TV listings. If we want to go out with a bang, that ought to do it.

There was a sobering story in last week’s paper about how humankind has accelerated the rate of extinction by 1,000 times and how the pace has been greatly accelerated the past few years. It just makes me sick to think of the species we’ve relegated to the trash bin because of our penchant for land cars (I’m as guilty as the next person), climate change and just doing whatever the hell it is the ego of man wants to do. It’s a travesty. I don’t even know how to address such a calamity. The Assoc. Press reports that researchers say man could put the world on course soon for the Sixth Extinction – and there have already been five in the history of the planet (all caused by meteors colliding with us). Don’t get me started on our idiot legislators in North Carolina push-push-pushing through a fracking bill with virtually no public debate. Morons.

I’ve seen a lot more vipers in recent weeks. The heat has them out and about. Some of them don’t move so fast and it’s cost them with their lives. I was out very early Saturday when I saw a beautiful 18” copperhead along the road, dead. It hadn’t been hit so I’m not sure what the issue was. It was a pretty beast. I wonder what befell it. Along the same path the next day, it had been smished. So are a lot of other little snakes that just don’t make it across the road in time. I saw about a 3 footer slithering near me in the water while I walked the golf course the other day, but he/she wanted no part of me or me it. I like to see such wildlife. What it tells me is to stop hunting for golf balls in the spots where copperheads and water moccasins call home. All it takes is one bite and I’d be the latest nitwit to learn all about herpetology.

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  1. Both plans sound great. A kayak trip down the Carolina coast and the Pacific crest trail. You could document the adventures with plenty of pictures. The Pacific hike would enable you to show the effects of the unimaginable drought!

    How twisted of some of our legislators to deny climate change with evidence of it every where now. Their greed is intent on ruining things for future generations. Very sad and time to act!

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