The Old and Memory Challenged…

I’ve always thought (and you probably agree) that the bulk of what is written to the kids reflect the huge chunks of daily life that are routine and mundane.

Last week’s letter runs pretty much along those lines.


June 16, 2014

Ellen/Reid: Pretty light reportage this week. It must be the heat that is really beginning to ramp up. It will be in the lower 90s today and the rest of the week. Makes you feel like you need a siesta in the early afternoon. Even this morning my front porch vegetable/herb crop was showing signs of stress overnight. I just can’t keep the greenery watered enough. The heat just makes it hard to be outside and doing things.

I pushed my cart twice this weekend around golf courses. For the most part I handled it pretty well and managed to stay hydrated. I do like the physicality of walking and seeing how I can bear up under the conditions. But once I sit down after the round for a breather or to have a beer, I really tighten up and get sore, particularly in my balky ankles. They just don’t feel very good. It’s a holdover from all that marathoning. But the first course, The Club at Irish Creek, was really a fine track

The par 3 7th at The Club at Irish Creek is one of the prettiest short holes in the Carolinas.

The par 3 7th at The Club at Irish Creek is one of the prettiest short holes in the Carolinas.

and the nicest I’m able to get my group on. It’s up in Kannapolis, a former mill town about 25 miles east of Charlotte and hometown of Dale Earnhardt, the NASCAR icon. We had 28 players at the event and it was really super fun. We’re settling into a good group of players who like good natured competition but don’t take it so seriously they wreck it for others.

Sorry about the shirt, Reid. Take it back to REI and tell them I’m a member. They’ll let you replace it with whatever you want. If you get something a little more pricey, I’ll make up the difference.

This time next month I’ll be in Wyoming with Tom. Ellen, thanks for the Facebook picture from the time you and Tim joined us a few years back in the Bridger. And thanks for your call, Reid. Good to hear from both of you. Wish you could join us.

The kayak should make it’s debut on salt water sometime in the next couple of weeks. The 4th of July makes some sense but the water and the traffic to get to the water will just be total chaos so that’s probably best avoided. I’ll head to the bait & tackle shop in the next couple of nights to retrieve rods and reels, bait, leader, weights, and other miscellaneous gear. This really is a learn-as-you-go proposition and you have to jump in with both feet sooner that later. I mean, it’s not like I’m going trans-Atlantic. I’ll stick to the shallower waters until I find my sea legs. Already I’ve spotted a couple of shortcomings in my Ocean Kayak but it’s nothing insurmountable. I wanted to flush mount a little 3” tall flashing beacon/flag at the rear of the kayak, but you don’t just drill through the thin kayak plastic. You need a thick plastic plate of some sort beneath the deck so the screws are set into something solid. But there’s no hole in the stern portion of the deck that would allow me reach beneath the deck to do so. Not a deal killer by any means but it would have been nice.

Your uncle tried to talk some sense into me about this retirement thing, but I won’t hear of it. To his credit he is pragmatic and sensible, things that aren’t necessarily traits of your old man. The decision is, however, a done deal and now it’s full bore ahead. John wants me to put off Social Security for as long as I can and that’s fair enough, but we’ll see what my investments can bring to the table. As he reminds me, my lifestyle wouldn’t cut it on the old TV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Maybe for a sequel entitled Retirement of the Old and Memory Challenged.


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  1. mort

    Retirement? You can share our refrigerator box, Dave.

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