Be wary fish, be very wary…

This kayak/fishing expedition simmered for a long time, last weekend was the time to bring it to a boil. More news on the disappointing outcome next week – after Ellen and Reid hear the sorry results first.


June 23, 2014

Ellen/Reid: Well, Spring 2014 lasted for all of two weeks and then got rudely shoved aside for stifling heat, and the Summer Solstice just passed this past week. That means we’re going to broil through at least the middle of September. It’s just a crusher. I suppose it’s good for the front porch tomato and whatever else thrives on brutal heat but that’s about it. Alaska sounds pretty good right about now. The only problem is, I’m not going to Alaska anytime soon.

The fledgling cardinals have been in queue at the window feeder for several weeks now. Their parents could be seen hand feeding – make that beak-to-beak feeding – the young birds until they got the hang of things. Part of me wants to wean them from the sunflower seed gravy train so they’ll learn to fend for themselves but I like to see them in the morning while I read the paper so the practice will be, in bank-speak, ‘ongoing.’

My friends Jody and Sondra prodded me to join them for the U.S. vs. Portugal World Cup match. We thought the U.S. had it in the bag - until the last few seconds. I enjoy this level of soccer very much, and am not altogether sure why I don't write about it to the kids.

My friends Jody and Sondra prodded me to join them for the U.S. vs. Portugal World Cup match. We thought the U.S. had it in the bag – until the last few seconds. I enjoy this level of soccer very much, and am not altogether sure why I don’t write about it to the kids.

Played golf twice this weekend and walked both days in the afternoon heat and came through it no worse for the wear. It’s all about hydration, and I don’t mean the beer variety. Didn’t fire up the bike this weekend for the first time in a long time. I miss some of the longer rides. What may work is firing the mother up in the early weekend hours to beat the broiling.

Ellen, sorry about the salty language. My iPhone is defective. When I go to ‘Recents’ and touch your phone, it doesn’t appear to dial your phone but you can hear me cursing why the %$#@* call won’t go through. Perhaps it’s operator error, but I don’t think so. The texting function doesn’t always work, either. Some letters don’t appear on occasion. I’ll head to Verizon soon enough.

Reid, thanks for the Israel itinerary. You have really gotten around in your time. I was thinking of the countries you’ve visited; England, Finland, Russia, France, Dubai, India, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and wherever the hell else you’ve trodden. I know there’s a few destinations missing from that impressive list. Good for you and Liz to push the travel envelope. Be sure to share some pix with your sister, your mom and me.

The kayak heads to Oak Island this weekend for a maiden voyage/fishing excursion. Stopped by Bass Pro Shops and filled a cart with $660 in fishing gear. There’s still a few things to buy but not $660 worth of stuff. The plan – such as it is – is to load the kayak Friday night into its cradle atop the Camry then roust out of bed about 4 a.m. on Saturday morning. The drive is about four hours and I’m looking forward to it. Reid, I’ll put in not too far from the Ocean Crest Motel/No-Tel where you and I bunked the winter before last. Watch for a call sometime Saturday to apprise you of my progress. To be honest, this is largely a shakedown cruise and the expectations to land actual fish aren’t too high right now. If a hapless fish ends up on the other end of my braided 50 lb. line and Penn rod/reel, that will be a bonus. There’s a sense of adventure in this and that is perhaps what is most exciting; trying something new and stretching your old man’s boundaries. The Internet will get a workout this week for fishing tips and the like.

There’s not a hell of a lot else going on. My writing class at Central Piedmont Community College got scrubbed because my synopsis didn’t attract many writers. I’ll have to do better on that score. But for today, this is a wrap.

Love, Dad


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