Liverpool and something on the line…

Quite the last couple of weeks. First a Liverpool-AC Milan football match, and finally a bite from a hapless fish. Two life goals in in the span of seven days. Even Reid noticed.


August 4, 2014

Ellen/Reid: Enough with the Bridger Wilderness already.

Now it’s back to normal (paranormal?). It will be great to get up to the Twin Cities over Labor Day to see you all. Reid, I hope you and Liz can make it. Ellen, let Tim know I’ll bring the Scott with me although my hopes to out-angle him aren’t very high. It’s like learning at the knee of the master. Ellen, let me know what Emma is reading right now so I can stock up before arrival. My plane gets in at about 4:30 on the Friday but don’t feel you have to rush to the airport to pick me up. I can lounge for a while.

The highlight of the weekend was the Liverpool-AC Milan ‘friendly’ soccer match down at our football stadium.

We had seats up in the nosebleed section but no problem. A goal of mine is to attend a Liverpool match at Anfield in the U.K.

We had seats up in the nosebleed section but no problem. A goal of mine is to attend a Liverpool match at Anfield in the U.K.

Uptown was just jumping with soccer fans. I took the train rather than try to drive and riders were packed in like sardines. Lucky to get one of the final spots to stand. Charlotte doesn’t do a very good job with their mass transit. It’s not like Chicago, Reid, when a train comes along every few minutes. Here there’s 20-25 minutes or more between rides and there’s only two cars at that. We prefer to drive and clog the freeways.

I met my friends Jane and Dale at Re Ra, a local Irish pub on the main street. Really a raucous crowd fueling up for the match. Liverpool jerseys were everywhere. Jane is a Brit (now an American citizen) who has been a lifelong Liverpool supporter so that made it kind of doubly fun to go with someone who actually knows what’s going on.

Jane is a Brit (but now a U.S. citizen) and a good egg. She's one helluva golfer, too. She's a life long Liverpool fan.

Jane is a Brit (but now a U.S. citizen) and a good egg. She’s one helluva golfer, too. She’s a life long Liverpool fan.

The streets and parking lots were absolutely packed with people prior to the game. We had seats up in the nosebleed section, but Jane could sing along with the chants sung by the horde of Liverpool supporters. Their real theme song is “You’ll never walk alone” which was an oldie in the 60s by a group called Gerry and the Pacemakers. Liverpooleans always sign it moments before a match starts and it brought Jane to tears. That’s how much the Europeans love their football. After the game we headed to Ruth’s Chris for a final drink and two guys on the Liverpool staff came into the bar still wearing their coaching gear. and sat right beside us. Jane recognized one of them as one of the all-time Liverpool greats, a guy named Jan Mobly. One of my life goals next spring is to book a flight to London to catch of of the Liverpool games at their home stadium, a place called Anfield. Jane says it is loud every moment of every game. That really sounds fun. She said I could buy tickets online right now which I hope to do. I’ve yet to look into flights as of yet. Reid, based on your time in London, if you know of any non-tourist spots that are on the must-do list, let me know.

Played a bit of golf over the weekend. Same so-so results. Can’t escape the usual blunders related to bad decisions or poor swings.

I’ll head this weekend back to Oak Island to see if anything will bite my offering in the ocean. I’ll head to a different spot this time, one much closer to the Intercoastal itself.

Something made this splash. I'll show it to you next week.

Something made this splash. I’ll show it to you next week.

The plan is to head about about 4:30 on Saturday morning and have the Miss Emma on the water no later than 10 a.m. Hopefully the tide will cooperate this time. I haven’t ruled out a drive on Friday night if there is a cheap motel to be found somewhere close to the island. 50 miles away from it wouldn’t be a bad deal and it would save the early Saturday wear and tear. I suppose this is still an experiment but I’ve got to get my feet wet in it some way and this is it.

The tomato plant is overflowing with tomatoes; none of them are ripe as of yet but it’s a nice crop for a change. I’ve used more basil than ever and have had caprese salads (basil, soft mozarella and a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar) several times a week. That’s been quite good.

Okay, enough for today. And no more talk of the Bridger until later on down the road.

Love, Dad


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