The Carolinas don’t need another ‘neck…

I’ve got more than my share of weaknesses and among them is daydreaming about what might be. How a truck entered that realm is beyond me. Thankfully, the urge has passed.


August 18, 2014

Ellen/Reid: The gardening experts suggested in the Saturday paper to trim the seed heads off the top of basil to keep the plant lively and growing. I dutifully stepped outside with a pair of scissors to do that but when I opened the front door a couple of bright yellow goldfinches sprang away from the seeds. I didn’t know that basil seeds were part of their diet so the idea of trimming was tabled indefinitely so they can finish off this food supply. I’m fine with that.

It’s really nice to finally get a bumper crop of tomatoes. It’s only taken eight years to reach this juncture in front porch gardening.

A nice crop of tomatoes is no big deal to friends in the Midwest, but to a front porch gardener, this is a bonanza beyond belief.

A nice crop of tomatoes is no big deal to friends in the Midwest, but to a front porch gardener, this is a bonanza beyond belief.

It probably has to do with choosing a container plant rather than another varietal intended for a ground-based garden. I mean, there are a lot of the red things. What it really means is that your old man is slow on the uptake. Why was this not done years sooner?

I’ve been getting junk mail addressed to ‘Davin Bradley.’ How in the world they bastardized my name, beyond a keystroke error, is not known. What is known is that the users swap or sell their lists because now the mistake comes from a variety of sources. Kind of funny in a way.

I took the ALS ice bucket challenge this weekend. The dousing came in the parking lot of a golf course on Saturday. A friend of mine did the videoing. It was sort of apt because every so often when ALS is in the news I think of a friend named Chuck Jipp in Des Moines who died of the disease when you both were very young. He was a great guy and was a rock during the whole ordeal. It’s no way to go. It seems very little progress has been made in a cure or treatment. Lots of people have been doing the thing. I probably should’ve issued the challenge to the two of you. Walked 36 holes on Saturday and came through in good order. Stayed hydrated and that is the real key although it wasn’t as hot as it can get in August in North Carolina. The afternoon outing for my golf group was very big (30 golfers) and we had a riot. The course, the Club at Irish Creek, is in Kannapolis and is as good as it gets for my bunch. It really was an exercise in herding cats because with that amount of people there’s always jockeying for the right pairing along with the usual bitching and moaning about it. Played half decent for a change.

My morning round was with a friend at the bank who, for the first time ever, broke 100. He played the best front nine of his life and almost totally collapsed on the back nine but managed to scrape out a 98. He doesn’t keep track in his mind and won’t add up things on his card as he goes along. He thought he’d missed it but his 44-54 held up. He was ecstatic. We’ll try it again Saturday morning. His next goal is to break 95.

This is how you know you’re developing redneck tendencies. It crossed my mind to trade out the Camry for a pick up truck. For some reason I perceived it would be easier to load the kayak into a truck that the sedan. But that idea went by the wayside pretty quickly upon the realization that some lifting of the boat would still need to occur. The Carolinas didn’t need another ‘neck.

I ran into a walker friend who said he’s going to host a party in September for all the walkers he comes across on his weekend morning sojourns. He’s a good guy named Fritz, a retired district court judge, and it will be a fairly eclectic group of folks. I see people and say hello but that’s about it. No one wants much to do with a guy who picks up trash. Except for Fritz.

Ellen, we may need to make a side trip to Mall of America over the Labor Day weekend. I can’t seem to find a replacement watch band for my Victorianox watch and I need to find something. Hauling out my iPhone to check the time isn’t as convenient as it could be. Going without a watch for 30 days now is the longest I’ve gone without something on my wrist for years and years.

The official retirement date for me is Friday, February 20. Hope they’ll keep me around that long. It’s time to get on with things.

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