A most precious stockpile …

Empathy is a life lesson. There are people far worse off than the three of us. Ellen and Reid have their share of this most precious stockpile – caring about others – but a ‘reminder’ now and then from their parents doesn’t hurt.


October 27, 2014

Ellen/Reid: You should have the flight itinerary for the weekend of Dec. 19. It might not be the actual Christmas weekend but it will be a lot of fun. Gifts will be shipped ahead of time except for the few doodads I’ll tote along for Emma. I get in about 5:15 so no need to make any special plans to pick me up or jet away from work on my account. Speaking of gifts, give me a few ideas of what it is you guys want and I’ll make the arrangements. That goes for Emma, too. A girl can’t subsist on train sets all the time, so a few hints will be welcome.

Ellen, I haven’t told people about your good news. Here’s to hoping you feel better in the next few weeks.

Not entirely sure if or when the local NPR thing is going to run. I’ve heard conflicting reports about it already having been run and it doesn’t show on their Website. If it runs, it runs and if not, that’s okay. It really had to be a slow news day anyway.

The local NPR affiliate, WFAQ-FM, may yet run an interview about my exploits with litter chronicled at pickupyourpath.com.

The local NPR affiliate, WFAE-FM, may yet run an interview about my exploits with litter chronicled at pickupyourpath.com.

Any story about trash/litter makes for a slow news day. It wouldn’t bother me a whole lot. We did get together with some of the other regular Saturday morning walkers this past Sunday. My friend Fritz the Judge hosted about 20 people in his townhome a stone’s throw from me and it was a fun hodgepodge of people. It included the 1%ers as well as some former hippies. That’s what made it a hoot.

I was out early yesterday morning when I saw, as I do on most weekend mornings, an older black woman in her maroon scrubs trying her best to get down Sharon Road. She literally shuffles down the street from Fairview down to an upscale retirement/care facility about a half-mile down the street called Sharon Towers. It hurts me to watch her. Her legs touch at her knees, and while she’s a little overweight, her gait is obviously very painful. She stops every 25 yards or so to stand there for a moment to collect herself then on she goes. What bothers me is that she has no other transportation to get her to where she’s going. I feel badly about it. She’s in a service job, and who knows how much it pays, but her dedication to get to work is admirable. I don’t know, it’s just heartbreaking to watch this woman yet she perseveres despite it all.

A kayak fishing guide has been arranged near Charleston for Nov. 15th. It’s exciting to think that I might actually learn something from someone who knows what they’re doing. The guy, Captain Joe, says the fishing might even improve as some of the resident baitfish will have moved on due to colder temps but the trout and redfish will remain. He immediately checked the tide charts for the day and we’ll shove off first thing in the morning. I’ll leave Charlotte about 3:30 a.m. to make it there on time. He supplies everything for the four hour excursion in the Intracoastal, and he said I don’t need to bring my kayak or other gear although I think I’ll still bring everything and try my luck/new learned skills once his tutelage is finished. Sticking around on Sunday would make a weekend of it. My fish fetish seems to have taken on a life of its own. Reid, if you could get down for it that would be great although it is totally understandable if you have other plans.

Betsy and Bob sold their house for more than they asked and now they’ll move closer to a retirement-type community across the border in South Carolina. Good for them. It’s given me some impetus to try a move on my own, too. This three story condo will eventually get old or else I won’t be able to climb the steps. My suspicion is that I’d get close to the break-even point on my place which would make the move somewhere else – SC, MN, IA – a lot more feasible.

Okay, gotta run. Send me your Christmas wish lists and I’ll get moving on gifts.

Love, Dad


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