Ready to go under the knife …

Things are done and looking optimistic and hopeful. By this time next week all the reports will be back in. Fingers crossed.


January 26, 2015

Ellen/Reid: I thought about waiting to write this tomorrow afternoon once the results of the surgery were known, but why break with tradition if there’s a few free moments this morning? Of course, you’ll know how things went long before this note arrives. Your uncle called last night but I was already zonked out. He’ll get return a call this morning. Things are increasingly positive, at least attitudinally, on this end, and that’s a good thing. The surgeon’s office called twice this week, once to make sure the financial details were buttoned up and the second was to apprise me of what to expect once in the office. Pam Kenyon called last week (she’s survived breast cancer for 11 years now) and it was so good to hear from her. Bob Furstenau has been in touch almost daily. They are good friends, as are the folks in my golf group who’ve been non-stop in their support.

I have started to buy sun gear for golf and general outdoor activity. According to what I read, clothing is a better sun protector than sunscreen so the commitment here is to pants and long sleeve shirts. I did buy a few sets of Nike Dri Fit sun sleeves. You pull them up your arms. There’s elastic on both ends to keep the thing snug and in place. Interesting that there was no knowledge of the existence of these until the diagnosis. Reid, let Liz know Coolibar is also getting some of my business and their gear is to arrive this week.

The surgery wasn't like going to the electric chair. In fact, the surgeon and I had a running conversation for the entire 45 minutes of the excision.

The surgery wasn’t like being strapped to an electric chair. In fact, the surgeon and I had a running conversation the entire 45 minutes of the excision. More on that next week.

Thanks for the short review of American Sniper, Ellen. Ever since Saving Private Ryan, I’ve steered clear of a lot of violent war stuff. Not sure why that is since I enjoy good movie making. Perhaps that’s a testament to the realism of the movie maker. The theatre is a scant 200 yards from here so maybe there will be a trip up there.

My weekend was mostly golf. Got out twice because there’s no way to be sure how long I’ll be on the shelf. It will be missed but that’s really pretty much okay by me. It was good to get a couple of rounds in with friends although the courses were soggy and muddy from recent rains. Dormant Bermuda is just awful to play on.

Got the Caldwell Presbyterian newsletter done in the nick of time. Why it is there is an increasing delay to get the thing done with mere hours to spare is beyond me. The last minute rush creates for mistakes that shouldn’t be made. John seems to like it, though, and that’s the measuring stick. Reid, you’ve never seen it although you can go online to to sneak a peek. Ellen, your copy will be in the mail this week and not overly delayed like the December issue. FYI … John’s mom is slipping and he’s been making the trek to Atlanta at least weekly to be with her.

Looks like Tom and I have a couple more people on the hook for this July’s trek to the Bridger Wilderness. We’ll go to the South end again up towards the Cirque of the Towers. Reid, if you and Liz can make it, that would be wonderful but don’t feel obligated. Since my retirement is delayed until February of 2016, there will be no leisurely drive up there with stops along the way to see you two and the grandkids. We’ll do the usual and fly to Jackson and rent an SUV from there. The real dates are July 24 – August 1.

If the arm is capable of hefting the kayak, the next fishing excursion will be down to Charleston over the President’s Day weekend. I might entice my friend Jody to go with me, and not because he can help me lift the darn thing. His mother just passed away last week and it would be good for him to fish waters where he has caught sizable fish. There are sardine’s frozen in the freezer that we’ll use for bait. Reid, I’ll buy some finger mullet just like Ryan was using when he caught all those reds. We’ll take some shrimp along for good measure.

Okay, sports, I’m out of here. Watch for a call and/or Facetime this week.

Love, Dad


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