A little apple that didn’t fall far from the family tree …

Students in my letter writing class must be weary of my incessant yammering that, by and large, letters (mine or others) are generally about the mundane goings on in daily life. Look no further than today’s example.


March 10, 2015 Ellen/Reid: The birds seem to know something about the onset of decent weather the past few days. They have become especially active now; the blue birds flit in and out of the nesting box and up to six red cardinals jockey for spots at the feeder. They don’t seem particularly aggressive but they appear to have established some pecking order for the sunflower seeds because no sooner does one leave than another zooms in to take its place. Man, I am really glad for temps in the 60s and 70s. It’s just uplifting after such a dreary winter.

Emma (left) laps up her ice cream with, as Ellen says, the "big girls." That she likes ice cream shows this little apple hasn't fallen too far from the family tree.

Emma (left) laps up her ice cream with, as Ellen says, the “big girls.” That she likes ice cream shows this little apple hasn’t fallen too far from the family tree.

You guys are basking in relative warmth, too. Nice to see Emma (The Diva) out taking her dolls for a stroll. She’s cute in her shades. Residents on both sides of me are wrestling with the aftermath of frozen pipes. The guy next to me had his garage ceiling torn out where water had obviously leaked through from his kitchen and some major league dryers were at work for days and days to get rid of the moisture. He’s trying to sell his place and the water damage won’t help. The young woman on the other side had a pipe burst in her garage wall. Her repair work seems to be done. I guess there are some pluses to living in the middle unit. My problem is with the hated HOA which is raising hell about my two vegetable pots. They’ve issued me another citation since the pots are against the code. I didn’t know romaine lettuce and a single container tomato plant were hanging offenses. They’ve got to spend their (our) dues some way and they’re wasting money on me. This cold that floored me for about 10 days is finally losing its grip. It was some respiratory bug and kicked the living bejesus out of me. But it’s on the way out and I feel much better. Colds seem to be so protracted with me. My friend Ted will likely sell his fishing kayak. He was largely the impetus for me to buy mine. Not altogether sure why he’s bailing on it but he would’ve been a good guy to get down to the ocean. He marches to a little different drummer and this is just his way of moving on. His boat has never touched water that I’m aware of. I’ll buy my ticket to Jackson sometime this week. Ellen, Katie and her daughter and her partner will join Tom and me in the Bridger. It will be a good group. The girls smartly suggested moving the trek by one day to travel midweek and that will save each of us a few hundred dollars. Such a ploy never would have crossed my mind in a million years. The change in plan only marginally impacts the hike itself. We’ve got to negotiate the precise distance because Tom wants to do the full 40 mile circuit around the Cirque of the Towers that eluded us last year. I think Katie sees it as more of a pleasure cruise. I’ll let you know how that works out. Everyone will cook on their own this year so there will be no need to lug around the heavy MSR and all that white gas. I head to Florida in a couple weeks time to see Dave. Flights are about $260 but that means my boat won’t make the trip with me and I’ll have to figure out some way to get my rods and golf clubs down there. The drive is about 10 hours and while I snoozed at rest areas down and back the last time, at this age I’m not particularly looking forward to a repeat performance. We’ll see how the flight and shippage shakes out. Maybe it’ll be manageable. Such a drive can be cathartic. Good point about a May visit, Ellen. Things will have settled down somewhat and Emma can make some day trips with me so as to keep her out of your hair for a few hours. The zoo might be a fun trip. She can show me her favorite animals. Nice that you’re also thinking about a new house. It’s the time of year for it. Reid, seriously, let me know some weekends for a Chicago visit. Now that winter is moving out, it would make it that much nicer. Maybe we can see the Cubs or Sox and have a cold beer, or two. Plus a few brats.

Love, Dad


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