Georgia, Reid in Raleigh, and a Big Red …

Family news is still dominated by Georgia’s grand entrance, but there are other things going on, too, i.e. Reid’s headed down this way, the garden is in, and a Big Red finally shows up in my boat.


April 20, 2015

Ellen/Reid: So now there are two granddaughters. Welcome, Georgia. Wow. That little peanut is a little beauty. What a great photo that is, Ellen, of the two of you moments after she was born. Whew, and I’ll bet you’re glad that is over. Sort of funny to hear she’s a little night owl although that’s easy for me to say 1,200 miles away. At least your mom, then Nancy P. , will be there to help you the first few weeks.

Ellen beams moments after  Georgia made her debut. A couple of real cuties.

Ellen beams as Georgia announces her arrival. A couple of real cuties.

To look at Georgia’s long fingers might be a tip off that she’ll be tall. Maybe 5’ 7” – 5’ 9”, something on that order. Emma seems a little reticent around her new sis but that’s only natural, one would think. She’s been the top fiddle for three years but she’ll be a good big sister in short order. To be a fly on the wall to hear those two bumpkins talk once Georgia is old enough. You and Tim will have your hands full.

I’ve no real clue about what to get her. Some suggestions would be good and it would be fine to wait until I’m up there next month before any shopping is done. Did you keep a lot of Emma’s baby clothing? For some reason it rings a bell that you gave some of it away. That’s okay. So just toss some ideas out there.

Reid, even though your weekend in Raleigh for the wedding should be packed, I’m looking forward to however much time you and Liz can spare. So just let me know what works for you. How’s an early Saturday morning breakfast sound? I could be up there around 8:30 or 9:00. If the weather permits the Road King will make it’s highway debut since it’s seen no road time with me. How was Berkeley? Can’t wait to hear about it. If Liz could get entrance to Cal, that would be a great thing, and you can do worse than live in the Bay area although it’s probably pretty pricey.

Alas, the blue birds are gone. Saturday they were flitting around the nest box but the pair never went in. I’d like to go out and open the box just to satisfy my curiosity but will hold off a bit while they’re still in the neighborhood. I put a lot of stock in those little birdies. It’ll be too bad if the nest is empty. Watch for an update.

There are some new flowers in the planters out front, and there’s been no other harassment from the dreaded HOA garden Nazis. Haven’t heard ‘boo’ about the new tomato plant and lettuce pots. The Romaine just popped up over the weekend. After two weeks of non-sprouting I was ready to give up on those seeds and buy another packet. Feels good to have something growing.

I see my dermatologist this week for my first follow up examination since the surgery on my arm. My skin is quite pale since I’ve stayed covered head to toe.

Reid, finally a big red. Literally, my friend Tom and I were in our last five minutes on the water when the reel just went zing. Whatever it was bit a mud minnow hard and just took off. It was on that big Penn rod/reel and even then with the drag set stiff, it still ran off line and was such a stout fighter. It took 5-7 minutes to land.

This was the only fish of the day but it was the right one. By far the biggest red I've caught on my own.

This was the only fish of the day but it was the right one. By far the biggest red I’ve caught on my own. It was just over the slot so back she went into the briny.

As with most fisherman, I overestimated the length as it squirmed on the ruler but it was easily in the 27-28” range and about 14-15 lbs. Too bad it wasn’t in the slot but as Tim says, it’s bad karma to keep a fish. The other truly fun thing was to watch a squadron of six porpoises work in unison to herd bait fish, mullet most likely, to the shallows where they could finish them off. Fascinating to see them side by side as they pushed the bait ahead to the shoreline. It’s the one time I was glad to see someone else catching something.

Love, Dad


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