Old but not decrepit (yet) …

We haven’t quite calmed down since Georgia burst onto the scene. She’s getting her entourage accustomed to her schedule. But there was a Reid (and Liz) sighting this past weekend, so you’ll read more about that next week.


April 27, 2015

Ellen/Reid: Hard to believe that Georgia is now two weeks old. What a little beauty she is (but don’t all grandparents say that?). I can’t wait to get up there in a few weeks. By the looks of the photos you guys have sent, she’s already changing. That was a such a fun shot of Georgia resting on Tim’s stomach as they both snoozed.

Georgia and her dad Tim get some shut eye even as the sun comes up. When you need your sleep, you need your sleep.

Georgia and her dad Tim get some shut eye even as the sun comes up. When you need your sleep, you need your sleep.

Ellen, tell Tim that he’s already got a leg up in the garden, what with the timber borders and raised beds. I’d get the lettuce and peas in pronto since this is ideal weather for them. The tomatoes and peppers can wait a while for the temps to heat up.

Reid, I’ll plan on Raleigh early next Sunday morning for breakfast with you and Liz. I don’t know your flight arrangements so keep me posted if you can. No doubt your Saturday night will be late so I can sip coffee in the hotel lobby or wherever you’re staying to wait for you. There won’t be much else on the schedule that day. The plan right now is to ride the Road King up since the high will be a shade over 80F. It hasn’t been on the highway as of yet. It’s time.

For a while now there’s been some thought to selling the old homestead and it’s three floors of step-by-step drudgery. The market is starting to come back and it would be at least a break-even proposition if it were put on the block. So I called a Realtor friend of mine under the guise of looking for a one floor condo/town home in the great Charlotte area, knowing full well that if the price of my unit has gone up, it certainly would have risen in other areas, too. The wild card is location, location, location: my spot is highly desirable given its proximity to South Park and the relatively short commute to Uptown. Seeing how I don’t get to either place very often, it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest to find new digs. The property taxes in Charlotte are high and they’d be a lot lower in backwater South Carolina or some other spot outside the city. But the Realtor surprised me by saying I should sit tight and that I’m not decrepit enough, yet, to warrant another spot. She thinks I sit in the catbird seat valuation-wise, and that I’d be pleasantly surprised if I waited things out for another couple of years. It might give me time to poke around here or even up in Des Moines. So at least there are some options.

Central Piedmont Community College has me on tap to teach a couple more courses later this year. Who knows, I may be retired by then and will have all the time I need for adequate course planning. One class is on letters, the other on general writing. Looking forward to both. The classes are pretty small; probably 4-8 students for seven weeknights. It really is enjoyable.

Reid, it’s great that you will likely go to the Bridger. It’s a different side than you’ve seen, the Cirque of the Towers that is, plus we need your fly casting skills to bring home the proverbial bacon. You can use my new Scott A4 rod. It’s incredible. I don’t know if you need to bring the Orvis. The two person tent will fit into a giant duffel but you can guess who will carry all that extra weight. I’ll get you a denatured alcohol stove since that is the way to go and your food will be pre-packed, too. The MSR and it’s heavy white gas won’t be needed, and I’ll bring an extra water pump, too. Tell me what else you need and it will be secured. I’ve got about $100 in REI credit so we can put that toward something you need for the trip. If Liz could make it that would be doubly nice. My guess as to what will transpire is some of us will linger at a base camp about 10 miles in while Tom and a friend of his, and maybe you, will make what is essentially a full loop that eventually brings you to the Cirque from the Northeast side. It’s quite spectacular. The backcountry is a bit different from the North half of the wilderness and we’ll see more people since the Cirque is something of a destination hike. No matter. It will be reward enough to have you walking with us.

Love, Dad


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