If we could all have the resolve to be energetic …

Hadn’t seen Reid and Liz in a while, so it was good to get over Durham way for brunch. Sure, sitting down with those two was the highlight but every so often you come across a human situation that can’t help but impress.


May 4, 2015

Ellen/Reid: Reid, it was wonderful to see you and Liz yesterday in Durham. You guys had picture perfect weather down here, and that Washington Duke Inn was incredible. I never would have gone of my own devices to the Duke Gardens, but it was wonderful, too, as was that restaurant place, the name of which I couldn’t remember if I had to. And this week in St. Paul for Emma’s third birthday. Man, it’s quite the travel schedule you both have. But that’s half the fun.

It's confirmed: Liz and Reid are a cute couple - his mom and sister and Liz' sister all chimed in on the same topic.

It’s confirmed: Liz and Reid are a cute couple – his mom and sister and Liz’ sister all chimed in on the same topic.

Went from Duke down Rte. 501 to Chapel Hill to see UNC. It’s a nice campus but not on the level of Duke. But I’d been wanting to see it and now I have. The ride back on two lane roads was far better than slamming it on I-85. That part of North Carolina is really picturesque although you see how the other half lives. The Road King handled great. The round trip was about 329 miles. Too bad it was a total goof up in the morning because my hands froze without the gauntlet gloves.

The other highlight was a stop at some backwater McDonalds for some liquid. There was an elderly gentleman at the counter, cane in hand, ordering something and it was obvious once he got his tray that it would be all he could do to reach his table. A gracious woman gave up her spot in line to help him, and she took his tray to a table. He was a tall man, six foot plus and in his upper 80s at least, with a full head of silver hair and he wore a pressed pink cotton shirt and khakis and shined shoes. It was his Sunday meal out and about. I watched him eat alone in such a dignified manner. He’d take a bite, put his sandwich down, wipe his mouth and resume. He was obviously widowed. If we could all have the resolve to be energetic at that age and get away from the tube and the easy chair. For some reason his situation – and in clearly not the finest of restaurants – really struck me.

And wow, Emma is three. That can’t be, can it? Wasn’t it just last week that we were all there in the hospital holding her as a newborn? I literally laughed out loud a few minutes ago when, at 6:10 a.m., she was already dressed and grinning at the kitchen table with pink balloons and a pile of presents. What a little goof ball. One of those toy sets you sent a picture of is on order, and the arrival will just spread out Emma’s birthday that much more. Can’t wait to be there in a few weeks time. It was such good news about Georgia. What a relief for you and Tim. It could have been a far different story. But it wasn’t and all is good.

The kayak and I head back down to Charleston, Folly Beach, actually, on Friday to fish again. It’s another down-and-back day trip. So looking forward to it. The forecast calls for a spot of rain,

Yep, it was back toward Charleston to fish. More news next week on what was a successful trip - finally.

Yep, it was back toward Charleston to fish. More news next week on what was a successful trip – finally.

but the temps will be in the lower 80s so what the heck? It is just so much fun, and now that I’m getting the hang of it a bit, it’s that much more enjoyable. Reid, I’m kind of steamed that a few hundred yards away was an unknown bait shop, Crosby’s, where we could’ve purchased something better than the frozen shrimp we were using. There’s always next time (like when you and Liz come down on a foray to Charleston). That would be great to get you both on the water.

The blue birds persist in sometimes perching outside the empty nesting box. I can’t quite figure out what happened. Did a black snake slither up the tree to gobble the tiny eggs? Or did the chickadees put up enough of a fight to give the blue birds a second thought? I dunno.

The dermatologists visit was good news. She was complimentary about me wearing full clothing head to toe when I golf or am outside. I wore one of those buffs on the bike ride and it really helped stop my face from getting scorched. It worked like a charm. No one has made fun of me, yet, on the course but if nothing else I’ll persist with the wardrobe. As I told Liz yesterday, I know the Coolibar website inside and out.

Love, Dad

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