A living room full of gear … or not …

The emphasis has been on getting ready for Wyoming; Reid is confirmed as on board and he’s prepping for the trek, and from the workout perspective, things looked to be progressing in good order.

But fate has a cruel way of fooling aging bodies. Now the trip is in question. More on that next week.


June 1, 2015

Ellen/Reid: Still trying to get over the great weekend in Minnesota. Georgia is just a peach, and Emma is Emma. What a pair of darling little girls. Ellen, you and Tim are very lucky.

I’m watching the bluebird male standing (perching?) guard outside the nesting box, and like a lot of things, I just can’t figure out what these little birds are up to. They’ll go AWOL for a couple of weeks and then they magically reappear. My assumption was they nested only in the early spring but on this I am apparently wrong. Nice to have them back.

My workouts for the Bridger are in full swing. They felt like they got the best of me a couple of weeks ago, and Ellen, the few days in St. Paul were the respite my frame needed. Things have been much better since then. Walked 36 holes on Saturday with no ill effects other than hitting the sack shortly after 9 on Saturday night. Felt pretty chipper Sunday morning and that is interpreted as a good sign that things are in good stead for the mountain haul.

Gear for Wyoming is amassed in the empty living room. Let's hope it gets to be used. (The Tyvek is a good lightweight ground cloth for the tent.)

Gear for Wyoming is amassed in the empty living room. Let’s hope it gets to be used. (The lightweight Tyvek will be trimmed to the footprint of the tent as a ground cloth.)

I’ve started to spread out in the vacant living room most of the gear for the trek. Literally, it is all strewn about the floor. If I had to shove off tomorrow it wouldn’t take much to get ready. I’ll wear just one pair of clothes plus probably a spare shirt for use while the primary shirt dries after a wash in some stream. Tom and Katy and I will have breakfast this Saturday and I want to refine my menu so as not to carry too much. It is a good thing to leave the MSR stove and its weighty fuel behind. Reid, let me know of your flight itinerary. I’m uber excited that you’re making the trip. We need to chat about fly rods; if your Orvis isn’t the one you want, I will bring the Scott A4 for your use. It’s the rod/reel combo that Tim recommended. It’s a great rod. Hard to believe it is only a few scant weeks away. Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Ellen, hopefully I’ll be around long enough to get at least Emma up in the back country once she becomes a teenager.

Stopped by Gander Mountain yesterday to buy some additional gear for the Ocean Kayak. It’s the new Harley in terms of doodads. New track system to hold the rods, an 8 foot pole to hold the kayak in place in shallow water instead of always relying on the anchor. You stick the pole through one of the scupper holes and allegedly it holds the kayak in place. I’ll head back down to Charleston in two weeks time to give it another go. Can’t wait for that either. I’m trying to encourage my boys in Des Moines to come down sometime this fall so we can fish as a foursome in kayaks down Folly Beach way. They would enjoy it, or at least it would be a new experience for those land lubbers. Bought a few new lures and artificials too.

In a ‘what was I thinking?’ moment, I’ve invited my golf group over for a cookout in the garage after our round on the 4th of July. Parking will be a chore, but doable. My guess is there will be about 20 people. Told them to bring a folding chair and something to grill. That’s the extend of the meal planning so far. Other than Thanksgiving last year from some folks from the same group, I’ve not really had a party yet at the house in nearly 9 years. Let’s hope it can be pulled off smoothly.

Two sets of classes begin next week at Central Piedmont Community College. Both are on writing but there aren’t too many students signed up right now. Smaller classes are just fine with me. It’s always hard to gauge what the students really want to learn. The homework assignments will be a little more onerous this time around. That seems to catch some of them off guard. Most of them will be adults looking to broaden their perspectives, so I hope they come ready to write because that’s what they will be asked to do in spades.

Okay, my work is done here. Reid, send me your itinerary, and Ellen, keep sending shots of Georgia and Emma. Georgia ought to start grinning most any day now.

Love, Dad


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