Oppressive heat: The price you pay to live in the South …

As they say, if it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. We have an abundance of both down here in the South.


June 22, 2015

Ellen/Reid: Thanks for the Father’s Day wishes; Ellen I’m sorry to have missed the FaceTime with the girls. It would’ve been nice to see those two little goofs but we’ll give it another shot this week. Emma in her swim goggles was hilarious. She seems more into the social aspect of swimming as much as anything. The apple didn’t fall far from that social tree.

It is hotter than blazes down here and will be for the foreseeable future. Upper 90s flirting with 100F each day for the past two weeks with no forecast end in site. It’s just been beastly. You know at 5:15 a.m. when you open the front door to retrieve the paper that it will be a scorcher of major proportions. The shades are pulled low and the A/C runs nearly continuously. That will make this month’s utility bill a scorcher, too. But that’s the price you pay in the South.

It hasn’t stopped me from playing golf. The heat has put a damper on the numbers of people playing in my group, but the real troupers have sucked it up and hit the course.

The more I play, the more I wonder 'What the hell just happened?' when I hit another in a string of poor shots.

The more I play, the more I wonder ‘What the hell just happened?’ when I hit another in a string of poor shots.

Really, as long as a person stays hydrated it’s not that bad. Alas, I wish my game was as hot as the temps, but it remains in a cool season funk. I’m always bitching about it, aren’t I?

For the first time in a long time, tossed a New York strip on the grill Saturday night and sat on a chair in the garage with a cold beer while it cooked. It’s a nice scene behind the house with the green belt alive with birds and the trees completely blocking the view of humanity in the units to the West. That’s what I especially like about this location. Yet there is some housing news afoot; so stay tuned on that development because it could happen in a hurry. Prices are a fair amount higher than I anticipated so it will add some juice to the decision.

The knee is improving day by day, but not as quickly as I like. There’s still some residual soreness and what’s odd is when I lie down is when it really aches. It’s weird. A couple of Aleve twice a day has relieved the swelling and some of the soreness. Reid, it shouldn’t have much impact on Wyoming. I might be bringing up the rear of the line but that’s just what it is.

Reid have used MSR stoves for years and years, but now he'll fire up an ultra-lightweight stove from Anti Gravity Gear.

Reid and his old man have used MSR stoves for years and years, but in Wyoming he’ll fire up an ultra-lightweight stove from Anti Gravity Gear that is fueled by denatured alcohol.

Your stove will make the trip out with me as will the two person tent. Sorry to inform you that you’ll have to lug the heavier of the two. Let me know if Liz can make the trek. If so, I’ll partner with you on her airfare. It would be fab if she were able to make the trip. Hopefully by that time the fence you both straddle in terms of grad school and living situations will have cleared up. It’s tough sitting on pins and needles. But you guys are young enough to roll with those punches.

I’m gonna start to try to date a little bit. It’s been a while, and although I’m not lonely by any means, it wouldn’t kill a guy to get out and about once in a blue moon. My golf group is really the only social life I have. I see couples out and about and think ‘That’s not such a bad deal.’ Golf is a downer for some people who think it’s all-consuming on Saturdays. In some ways that’s so since it’s the one day set aside for me but I’d be flexible a couple of Saturdays a month. My golf buddies though, male and female, are my only friends in town. So we’ll roll the dice and see what happens. The same thing sort of applies to the kayak and Charleston; a guy has to do what he has to do.

The other events in Charleston are very distressing. It is completely and utterly race related, and this penchant for uncontrolled guns is beyond my imagination. When did the Second Amendment get hijacked by zealots who are armed to the teeth for who knows what reason? We’re just a bunch of loonies on that. Our death rate by shootings greatly outpaces that of other developed nations and now people performing the simple act of prayer in a black church have to pay that price. I can tell you what we really are, and that’s a nation of abysmally slow learners about what ought to matter to humanity. Our civility and Biblical love for each other is lost in the discussion about armed citizens.

Love, Dad

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