There’s more to a party than chips and beer …

The big news is Reid passed his 30th birthday; the other news is that the countdown for the Bridger Wilderness has started in earnest. Alas, my days as a party planner are long past, in fact, they never existed. But here’s last week’s note. To paraphrase John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight on HBO, next week’s post will be on last week.


June 29, 2015

Ellen/Reid: There must be little hatchlings in the blue bird box. Both sets of parents are flitting to the entry hole without going inside. In times past I’ve noticed little heads bobbing up and down as the new birds try to sneak a peek at their new world but my binoculars don’t detect such activity thus far. That the little birds made it through the heat is a good thing. Let’s hope they keep thriving.

Enjoyed a few BLTs from the tomato plant before it makes the journey to the back of the house per the instructions from the HOA board. There really is a difference between these vine ripened beauties and the hothouse ones you get in the store. The one down side is the size is somewhere between a golf and tennis balls. That’s still big enough to be of use to me in the kitchen. The plant will be transported sometime in the next couple of days ahead of the Fourth of July party here on Saturday night. Looks to be about 25 people signed up.

I thought the party might go up in flames due to poor planning skills, but the only thing that erupted were the fireworks on the back driveway.

I thought the party might go up in flames due to poor planning skills, but the only eruption was the fireworks on the back driveway.

Not entirely sure where they will all park but we’ll figure it out somehow. Some of the women in the group have subtly reminded me that there is more to throwing a shindig than opening the garage door, opening a few bags of chips and putting out a cooler of beer. So I’m working on the finer points of the menu as we speak. Folks do know to bring folding chairs and something to grill. That’s not a bad start. Party planning was never a real strength of mine.

I tried 72 holes of golf this weekend, almost unintentionally, and it worked out okay. The knee held up for the most part and I didn’t walk the courses. The heat was down so things were bearable. One of my rounds was with a kid who can blast the ball 300+ yards without working too hard at it. He has the total game and is a former college star. It’s amazing to watch him smash it but he has touch around the greens, too. He really has skills. Also, a friend of mine in my golf group showed me a couple of still photos of my swing and it almost made me gag. The swing is so out of form and goofy. As much as I play you’d think it would be a prettier picture. I called a woman pro I know at a course and scheduled my first-ever golf lesson tomorrow night. I told her it was an emergency lesson. She didn’t have much to say other than for me to show up at 7 p.m. Hopefully she won’t see me as a lost cause and therefore damage her reputation.

Reid, most of the food for the Bridger is purchased and sitting in bags in the living room. You’ll basically heat water in the Anti Gravity Gear stove and pour the boiling water into a freezer bag. So there won’t really be much use to a plate other than if/when we catch trout. You do need to tell me what you want done about the fly rods. I can bring my old Los Rios Anglers rod if you want. Tom knows that I may not make the full circuit with you guys depending on how Katy and her pregnant daughter and the daughter’s partner feel. If they can’t march on, I’ll stay behind to man the fort, so to speak, while you, Tom and his friend Vince soldier on to do the full lap of the Cirque. That would be just fine. It’s about 40 miles which you’d handle in a heartbeat. My guess is that will be a three day trip for you guys. Remind me to get you a bug net for your head because you’ll really need one up high. The skeeters will hunt you down like a dog. Remind me, too, to get tent pegs for the two person tent which you’ll also lug along. What else do you need for the trip? I take it you’re out of school at DePaul for the summer. What is known about your grades from this past year? It’ll be great to catch up while we’re out West.

Okay, I’ve got to wrap this up and take one of my first calls for the day. Ellen, keep the pictures of your two girls coming this way, and I’ll be in touch before the holiday weekend. Hi to Tim.

Love, Dad


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