For a son and his dad, it’s grab what we can while we can …

The Wyoming trek takes flight on United on Thursday morning at 10:30. That Reid is going is more than a bonus; how much longer will we have such opportunities? We have to grab the West now while we still can. No mail to him this week. He’ll get a hand delivery of this note at the boarding gate.


July 13, 2015

Ellen/Reid: Ellen, you should take as good news, and at face value, the comments this morning from your dermatologist. That is pretty heartening. She wouldn’t say those things if she was pulling punches. We ought to have every confidence that the results will be good. But as you know, long clothing protects better than sun screen. My skin is much, much better for it this summer. I am perpetually covered head to toe outside during full daylight. Yeah, when on the golf course the long pants and sun sleeves and wide bribed hats probably make me look like a dork to those who aren’t in the know, but it sure as heck feels a lot better, and is somewhat cooler, too.

Well, Reid, we’re just about to rendezvous at O’Hare in Chicago. When you check in, see if there’s a seat next to me. Can we do that right now? Packing begins tonight. Hopefully the total weight, with food and fuel, will be under 30 lbs. That would sure make things easier. Your tent is splayed out on the floor and I’ll custom cut the ground cloth to fit the tent. The new stakes are in hand, as are new filters for the Katydids. REI has some other techno-filters but they’re pretty pricey and the pumps have served us well for many, many trips. I am taking the old Los Rios Anglers fly rod for Katy and her daughter to use for their maiden fly fishing lessons. I hope they catch fish, and let’s hope we catch those moments on film. I don’t mind sitting out a lot of the fishing while helping someone else have fun with it. The waters are pretty good up there and if we get off the trail a couple of hundred yards the fishing will be even better. We need to find out which lakes hold the goldens because there are some relatively close by. We won’t eat those and will stick to the pink-meated brookies. Mays Lake might be one of those. I’m not sure if Dads Lake is.

The tomatoes and basil are thriving in their new home out back along the driveway. There’s a lot of sun and heat back there. Had to create a couple of level platforms using plywood since the concrete is so sloped but it’s actually working out better than anticipated.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. To paraphrase some wise person, I bucked the HOA and the HOA won. But it worked out for the best.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. To paraphrase some wise person, I bucked the HOA and the HOA won. But it worked out for the best.

Too bad this approach wasn’t thought of a lot sooner but none of this dawned on me until faced with the eviction notice served to the containers on the front porch. The foraging deer were some concern to me but haven’t seen hide nor hair of them in recent weeks.

The update on dating can be summed up in fairly terse fashion: It’s not working out too well. Women don’t seem to be interested. It’s an interesting process in that people who’ve ‘Winked’ or ‘Favored’ or otherwise contacted me have ranged in age from 23 to 81. That leaves a fairly broad middle ground to which I am almost completely invisible. That in itself is morbidly hilarious in some ways. The goal is to find someone in my age range (81 is not in my age range, thank you). Don’t hold your collective breath. I’ll give it another couple of months than quietly wrap it up and retreat back to hermit mode.

Houses are really moving in the ‘hood.’ I mean really moving. Here are the post cards that Realtors sprinkle in our mailboxes. These show that in my neck of the woods in Charlotte, the market is on the rebound, and, in particular, my SouthPark area. We’re close enough to Uptown and to Philips Place that people see that as a real plus. The nearly same sized townhome units being built next door start at nearly twice the price, so the perceived value here is that much higher. A friend of mine a few doors away sold his in two days although he sold it a fair amount below the going price range. Haven’t had any other unsolicited offers in the last few weeks.

Okay, signing off. Reid, see you next Thursday, and Ellen, see you in Sept. for the Minn. state fair.

Love, Dad


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3 responses to “For a son and his dad, it’s grab what we can while we can …

  1. jacobsbranch

    The Wyoming trek sounds like it will be amazing. Just make sure you refrain from rock hopping while in search of the elusive fish! And maybe a little more patience on the dating scene is merited. Are you conducting exit interviews?

    • Richard: Yeah, in a manner of speaking. Let’s just say the discussions aren’t very long. I’m just saying no to rock hopping. The knee is troublesome but doable. Next year for you, next year.

  2. You are quite a catch, Dave. I will think about those females who are deserving and middle aged who may be a match. 😉

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