Part of turning the page …

There is the old routine, then there is the new. Part of that may be parting ways with a long-time fixture in my life. It’s part of turning the page.


August 31, 2015

Ellen/Reid: I weighed sending this or not since we’d be together about the time this landed in your mailboxes and finally opted for sending if nothing else than to keep the streak alive.

There are zero, as in -0-, students signed up for my fall letter writing class at Central Piedmont Community College. I’ve got to come up with some way to promote the class since I was really excited about it. People have a tendency to sign up at the last minute so we’ll see if there are any late adopters/arrivees. If there’s three or four who enroll, that will be plenty to go on.

We’ll just have to wait a couple of more weeks.

Hit a jazz club and another music venue this weekend as I try to shake up the old routine of doing nothing on most weekend nights. Diane has something to do with that as she gently guides me, but not kicking and screaming, out of my comfort zone which has almost been completely golf. It feels good to get out and about for a change. The jazz was fabulous. It was at a place called The House That Rocks (basically a music school that goes jazz by night) and hosted by a guy named Tyris who is an incredible keyboard person.

If you're gonna get your groove on with live jazz, who better to do it with than the crew of Jane, Diane, Lynn and Mimi.

If you’re gonna get your groove on with live jazz, who better to do it with than the crew of Jane, Diane, Lynn and Mimi.

I baked some French loaves and brought a couple of bottles of red wine for our table of five to share. That was a good way to do things. Reid, I don’t think Charlotte can hang with Chicago when it comes to jazz/blues places, but this is about as good as I’ve seen down in these parts. We’ll do that again later in September. I’m scheduling a lot more weekend social stuff for my golf group, in part because I want to get out and my horizons on non-golf fronts are in great need of expansion.

I talked to Dave last week and he’s about to shove off for Pompano Beach for the winter. He issued something of an open invitation to come down, and I may just take him up on the offer. There’s a lot of fishing to be had down there and since we haven’t caught much of anything there’s a lot of potential that remains untapped. It’s nice of him to make the gesture. It’s only about a 10 hour drive down there. To look at the map makes it seem like 24 hours but it goes by pretty quickly.

There is more momentum to selling the bike. I like it but am just not riding it very much (a paltry 1,400 miles since last October), and before some big bucks are plowed into new pipes and a Corbin seat to lower the rig, it’s probably time. I rode it early Saturday morning to take a copy of the Caldwell newsletter over to John, and it was a really nice ride but since I have no riders and won’t ride far away on the weekends, it’s okay that the thing find a suitable new owner. I should get about $15,000 for it.

The weather has cooled down drastically down here. It’s even been cool in the nighttime. All the locals are talking about the good weather. But it’s hurricane season and we had a minor storm come through over the weekend. Hopefully we won’t get any real storms this season. Come to think of it, there hasn’t been a real hurricane (other than bands of rain) that has blown through Charlotte in all the time I’ve been a Carolinian. Carolinian and my name should likely not be used in the same sentence.

All righty then, it’s time to move on and move out. You guys get your state fair walking shoes on while I hold Georgia. No rides for her and me. That’s why that make benches to sit on while you guys twirl around on tea cups and whatever the hell else it is that spins.

Love, Dad


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