Time, distance – and the compounding effect of life …

Yeah, I know there are trains, planes and automobiles that can narrow the distance between Ellen, Reid and their dad. The distance is still great, however, and somehow the rest of life gets in the way and its compounding effect lengthens what is already a long way. You look at the calendar to search for dates and times – none of which, however, can ever arrive soon enough.


September 8, 2015

Ellen/Reid: Man, the Labor Day weekend in Minnesota went so fast. It’s tough to think that the next time I see the girls they will have changed even more. It’s depressing in a way, you guys there and me here but that’s the hand we’ve been dealt. Reid, you are next up in Chicago. I’m years overdue there. And you can forget mixing me another vodka tonic. I’ll have the good sense to at least add some tonic. Holy cow, my head was buzzing/throbbing/aching early Sunday morning. I waltzed out of bed – can an air mattress really be a bed? – about 5:30 a.m. and needed to walk the cobwebs off. You and Liz really did a nice job on the dinner. That’s a lot of pressure for you guys; pleasing us finicky eaters, plus Liz’ parents and doing it all when you know Emma and Georgia are on a short leash time-wise.

Sweet Georgia gets her beauty sleep, although she doesn't need it.

Sweet little Georgia gets her beauty sleep, although the already pretty girl doesn’t need it.

But the food was great. You just have to watch out for V&Ts. Tasty but do they ever pack a wallop. Ellen, the picture of Emma and her papa munching pre-dinner ice cream was just too much. Hey, a kid has to have ice cream now and then. She was good as gold that night in Stillwater. That would be a nice community for you and Tim to call home, and I hope something pops up in the not-too-distant future. Nothing wrong with St. Paul, in fact far from it, but that would be a good situation for you and the girls. Those garden tomatoes were divine. Why we didn’t run out for some bacon for BLTs still escapes me. Why didn’t I stow a few of those babies in my carry on?

As for the golf on Monday, it was just plain awful. You really can’t play ambivalent golf and expect to do very well. The game just doesn’t allow it. My head and heart just weren’t into it, and that’s been the case more and more as of late.

Not really stewing about surgery next Monday. It is what it is. You’ll be the first to know about the outcome. Confidence is pretty high.

The bike goes on Craigs List this week. We’ll see how it goes. It has only 8,300 miles which is hardly broken in by Harley standards. It was the last year of the leather bags which was a huge mistake on Harley Davidson’s part. Now all the saddle bags are plastic junk. Trying to come up with a suitable photo for it. This might not be the optimal time of year to sell it but you never know who lurks out there as a potential buyer. Not really looking at the sale as a sad thing. It’s just time. Heck, I’ll keep my license designation active and there are always rentals if I head back to Washington and Oregon. The 50 state tour will be a thing of the past. Reid, is there any chance you want the beast?

They’re having a yard sale in my development in a couple of weeks. Looks like I can ditch a fair amount of stuff and declutter at the same time. On the outs will be a lot of work clothing (suits, unworn dress shirts still in bags, etc.), that will never be worn again. If the yard sale doesn’t do the trick, there’s always Goodwill.

Okay, I’ve gotta run. Duty calls. Labor Day weekend was great fun. So, when can we do that again?

Love, Dad


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One response to “Time, distance – and the compounding effect of life …

  1. mort

    We readers will miss the bike tales Dave, but your kayak/hiking yarns will do.

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