Miss Emma heads to Florida but she won’t go to Liverpool …

By now you’re tiring of all my retirement blather. Alas, Ellen and Reid get the full dose of it so you’ll have to endure the same narrative they read in the weekly letters.

Such as when you take a look at a lot of retiree bucket lists. Travel seems at or near the top of a lot of wish lists but globehopping is not so much for me. Still, there’s a little bit of domestic / foreign travel in the foreseeable future.

As you might surmise, the events in France last week have complicated the decision somewhat. As of now I’ll plow ahead with the planning but my kids know I’ll keep an eye on developments. There is a silver lining to staying put; if I don’t go over there it gives Miss Emma and I more time to spend over here.


November 9, 2015

Ellen/Reid: Trying to wean myself of the work time/old habits. Still waking up about 5:00 a.m. but am trying to force the issue with mixed results about nodding back to sleep. I guess you have to start somewhere. I used to turn on the office lamps before I clomped downstairs to start the coffee. That habit has now gone by the wayside. I find myself sitting at the breakfast table while it’s dark outside trying to figure out what to do on that given day. The Charlotte Observer got a check from me for $446 last week to keep my subscription alive to the physical newspaper for the next year. That’s one thing that won’t be going away anytime soon. It wouldn’t hurt either of you to start a subscription to the Chicago Tribune or the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and not of the online variety. Your grandfather would be smiling at the thought of you guys reading a real newspaper.

Dave H. called this morning to invite me down to Ft. Lauderdale to spend the first week of December at his place. Actually, I get the run of the house to myself while he’s out of town for the bulk of the week. That’s awfully nice of him. The thought is to fly down but the kayak has made the 10 hour drive before and it would be fun to lug it over to the open ocean at

Miss Emma fits like a glove atop the Camry. She knows the way to Charleston (like a down-and-back trip Wed., Nov. 18) and pretty soon she'll learn of the open ocean off Pompano Beach.

Miss Emma fits like a glove atop the Camry. She knows the way to Charleston (like another down-and-back trip Wed., Nov. 18) and pretty soon she’ll learn of the open ocean off Pompano Beach. Reid, at the wheel last year, will also get a shot at redfish over Thanksgiving in Hilton Head.

Pompano Beach to see if the wahoo or dolphin are biting. I’d need to paddle about a mile offshore but if the waves/ocean surge isn’t too bad it would be a lot of fun for a change to give it a whirl. But it is nice of him. Not entirely sure how that will impact my trips to see you both of north but I suspect I’ll head that way sometime before Christmas. Gotta stop in Des Moines, too.

Still trying to process all of the closure materials for Bank of America. The bank is not extraordinarily helpful in terms of telephone assistance so I rely more on friends at the bank to look up some things for me. But hopefully it’ll all get wrapped up sooner than later. I don’t feel too bruised by the recent happenings. I really don’t.

Applied for Medicare online and that’s not the simplest process, either. Already got an email asking for some verification stuff, Form CMS L564 which is ‘Request for Employment Information.’ Apparently the government didn’t take my explanation of a dismissal as sufficient. That’s where the bank has been very weak is on support like that. The form has to be filled out by someone at the bank and to this point no name has surfaced for me to follow up with.

Right now it looks like there’s a week – 10 day trip to England in the relatively near term future. The tentative plan is to head over to London in late January or February. It all depends on when my passport arrives. Reid, if you have any suggestions about where to go/what to see based on your work time over there, let me know. My bucket list is a Liverpool Football Club match in the English Premier League at their home stadium, Anfield. Secondarily is to head up towards Thorps Abbot, where your grandfather and Pops both served during World War II. That’s also a bucket list item. I’ll head overseas by myself which is perfectly fine with me. Then I can come and go as I please. A friend said it’ll be cold and wet to which my response was So? It’s only rain. I’m really pretty excited about the prospects for the trip. Reid, what’s the process to get over to Paris? Chunnel? What’s the timeframe for such a trip? A couple of days?

It’s been raining here near constantly for the past week. Enough already. Slipped out Sunday to walk a course and it was morbidly fun to be out there by yourself slogging on wet fairways. After a slow start didn’t play too badly. I guess that’s all part of the retirement plan – get out there and mix things up. But I’m all for dry weather right about now. And Reid, watch for more information about Thanksgiving. Jody and Sondra are on alert about it, too. Later, kids.

Love, Dad


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