Retirement starts to stick and a ‘no’ to Charleston …

Not that they ask, but Ellen and Reid get dripped on routinely about this thing called retirement.

One of my post-retirement options that only they knew about, until now, was a long-considered move to Charleston. The saltwater marshes and arts and food really were a draw. But the perceived romanticism of the town aside, it is a traffic and overcrowding nightmare. No chance I’ll move there. That’s why they sell non-resident saltwater fishing licenses.

January 18, 2016

Ellen/Reid: This retirement thing might be starting to stick. Each day I sleep a little longer, get up a little later. Such as this morning: rise and shine at 7 a.m. That’s roughly two hours later than the norm. Maybe there was a smidgen of work hangover lurking somewhere in my consciousness that urged me to ‘wake up, wake up.’ But that apparently is beginning to ebb.

There’s not going to be any surgery right now. The doctor said he’s lived with the same thing for a few years, and that if minor pain/discomfort isn’t too bad, he advised I just suck it up and live through it. I agreed with him. But he didn’t hesitate to say if things took a wrong turn to give him a call and he’d refer me to a specialist. It’s not terribly painful but it’s goofed up my floor exercise regimen. I’m limited to what I can do in that regard. There were some issues lifting Miss Emma atop the car this past week but if toting a kayak is all I have to worry about, fine.

Speaking of Charleston, I’m pretty much nixing that from the list of possible moves. Every time I’m down there, the traffic is just awful. Hideous. It really is. It’s an area that’s just growing so fast. It’s attracted a lot of new businesses and with those businesses come people. At 6:30 a.m. last Thursday, I-26 into town was wall-to-wall stalled traffic for roughly 7 – 8 miles. Same when I hit the road after 5:30 – another 5 – 6 miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic at a crawl. A snail’s pace would have been faster. I love the area and the water, but my gosh, the congestion stinks.

Ellen, you’re right about staging the main room before the sale. No sense in buying new furniture. Since the living room rug is largely an oriental pattern, my thinking is something in a neutral tone. It would be a couch/settee with a couple of side chairs. How does that sound to you? Everything that isn’t nailed down is a candidate to be jettisoned. I really want to go into pare-down mode in terms of stuff. Too bad the Harley hasn’t sold. Once less thing for the movers.

I spent time Sunday afternoon with a few friends from my golf group at a tavern downtown to watch the Carolina Panthers NFL playoff game. It was an absolute riot. We just were a steam locomotive that was headed downhill.


My golf friends Jennifer, Christie and Doug. Christie and Doug put on the tailgate and give me an open invitation to join them.

It was so nice to take the train down. It meant I could have a few cold ones and not worry about parking or driving. I did scoot predictably early as the game got dicey and the Panthers threatened to blow a huge lead. But they didn’t and now they move on.

Came upon a bunch of your grandfather’s stuff as the paper was getting tossed. It included his hand-written notes about his own funeral arrangements. I made notes in the margins as we talked about those things. I didn’t keep those notes and now wish I would have although there wouldn’t have been that much value informational-wise to his heirs.

Getting ready for the big trip Feb. 7. But I won’t be taking too much stuff with me. Just one small lightweight bag I can sling over my shoulder. Everything is washable and can be dried in the room. I’m looking forward to it.

It’s really been cold down here the past week or so. Of course, it is winter. The wind just sliced through me on my walk tonight and I was cold to the bone, not Midwest cold-to-the-bone but it was awfully raw by Southern standards. On the bright side, we’ll warm up a lot sooner than St. Paul or Chicago will.

I’m just amazed at how nice those Weather Tech mats are you guys got me for Christmas. Reid, the bait bucket predictably sloshed but none of the minnow-infused/scented water escaped containment. That is just so cool. Makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking in terms of not getting a set of those earlier. Just another faux pas.

Love, Dad

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