No rest for the weary, but who’s keeping track? …

‘No rest for the weary’ goes the saying. I do my part by burning the candle at both ends. Ellen and Reid know this; if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Travel, teaching, fishing, walking, golf. The order of importance isn’t important. Rather, it’s all in the doing.

It’s worth noting a few passages were snipped from this letter. Those are for the kid’s eyes only. You’ll find out about the tangents soon enough.

February 15, 2016

Ellen/Reid: Let the period of rest commence. I feel beat to a pulp but it was all worthwhile in all respects. It’s a lot to pack into a few days. More on that later to both of you.


If I can travel and keep seeing sights like this, I will. Looks like a lengthy trek around the Alps in Europe is in the offing. More on that next week.

What a drag to return to cold. It is a major bummer. Went to the store last night once I landed in town and the shelves were predictably barren since there’s supposed to be a storm blowing through the Piedmont. Charlotte, however, just goes ape at the mere suggestion of inclement weather; schools are closed today yet so far nary a flake has been seen let alone piling up. As far as can be determined, we drive the same cars on the same tires as you guys have in Illinois and Minnesota. We’re just a bunch of weather softies. Yeah, I know we’re short on the number of snowplows, but for crying out loud the streets have been brined. An inch of snow or two for you guys wouldn’t even be a good start to a storm, let alone all this weather gibberish about shutting down the town. All this talk of ‘black ice’ just drives me nuts. It’s nothing you haven’t seen for years and years in the form of hard-packed snow. I mean, really?

AT&T Uverse is gone. Cut. Goodbye. Now comes the ordeal of trying to replace it with Netflix or some other service when there is something to watch. So far I haven’t missed it one bit. I’m not sure what I’ve done with my time but what I do know is it hasn’t been spent ogling the tube. That’s for the better, I think. You guys are going to have to advise me on how to hook up/use those other services. Don’t be shy since I’m relatively (make that totally) clueless as to how all this Internet/streaming thing works. For the most part, my entertainment hours are spent dialing up Pandora or listening to my iTunes playlist.

I am, however, ready to go fishing in Charleston again. The new GoPro audio-friendly camera back just arrived and will give it a test whirl this weekend. Can’t wait to get back down to the salt marshes in the next week or so. Yeah, Reid, I know the water temps aren’t totally fish-friendly but I want to give it a shot nonetheless. They have to eat something. Why not my bait?

My journalism class has been going fine. It amazes me how the students think it’s all about writing skills. To a degree, yes, they are right but they also need to run their writing enterprise as a small business, complete with prospecting and networking and doing a lot of research on their chosen topics of expertise. Editors don’t find writers by osmosis. They’ve got to be out there beating the bushes. It further amazes me that my students don’t take their homework assignments too seriously; only two have turned in the most recent assignment. But it’s not a graded class and most still bother to show up and take notes. Still, it really is enjoyable. I like teaching.  It makes me think and it makes me justify-verify-validate all the material I’m trying to pass along to them.

Speaking of writing, I am inching toward a start on ‘the book.’ You guys will be kept in the loop during the entire process. I’d love to use both of you as sounding boards. It means your criticisms-pokes will be seen as legitimate sources of skepticism. Know, too, that you’ll be asked to write something that will appear in the manuscript.

Alright, enough for this cold, frigid Monday. I’d better walk to the store before there’s a wholesale run on the shelves. I hope they leave enough bananas; I can exist on those for a few days.

Love, Dad


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