Ready, set, go – almost …

The annual countdown to Wyoming has started. We’re on the clock now. Reid and his wonderful girlfriend (that’s a direct plug) are on board for week one, and the Charlotteans are primed for week two.

It never gets old (maybe it does for you reading about it) but honestly, it’s one of the yearly highlights. I’ll do this every year that I’m able.

June 15, 2016

Ellen/Reid: So, the July travel plans have become official. I’ll drive due North to MSP to see you and the girls, Ellen (and Tim, too) before heading to Des Moines for a couple of days, then further West to Wyoming to rendezvous with you and Liz, Reid. And then, two weeks later, it’s back East to Chicago for a day or two layover before heading home to Charlotte. Now that’s what I call a serious road trip. But it really sounds exciting. And for the first time in a long, long time, we’ll try to go unshaven for an extended period. I hope not to frighten Georgia and Emma.

Reid, that Osprey pack will do wonders for Liz, plus she’ll have it for eternity and it has a lifetime warranty. Those Salewa boots would be great for her (if they pass the ‘style’ test). Just keep me abreast on the food situation. I’ll toss in the tent and extra sleeping bag. My Marmot should be plenty warm for her. Let’s compare notes on food in the next week or so. I really do need to up my game for dinners at the least.


Hopefully there will be a lot more of these cutthroats where these beauties came from (we’d settle for fat brookies, too). It’ll be Liz’ first time fly fishing. Let’s hope she catches dinner.

The lousy nighttime food from last year is still a bitter memory. Hopefully we’ll catch plenty of brookies for dinner (and hopefully neophyte Liz will do all the catching. It would be great for her to eat what she caught. Nothing would ever taste better).

It’ll be fun to be behind the wheel. There’s something liberating about hitting the open road, clutching a cup of coffee and turning up the tunes. I’ll make a brief stop in Omaha and Grand Island plus a side trip through Sundance to pick up the Sundance Times and Crook County News in honor of your grandfather and to see the old home, too.

The Harley still hasn’t sold. It’s depressing to not get at least some lookers. Seems like I’ll have to eat it and/or come way down in price. The more time that goes by, the more anxious I become. I’m on the fence about Miss Emma; it could always make the trip with me, I guess. Still have to jettison a lot more stuff from each room. There are so many work clothes in the master closet. I used a couple of ties to tie off the flourishing tomato plant but I’m about to get to know the route to the local GoodWill store in pretty short order.

Speaking of tomatoes, had the first tomato of the season last night. A small red one not much bigger than a ping pong ball but even the few bites of it still tasted really good. Yanked the tired lettuce and cilantro plants from the pots and tossed ‘em down into the creek. So much for a garden but it’s better than a swift kick in the butt.

Really had a good time in Myrtle Beach over the weekend with my friends Christie, Doug and Ted. I was the big loser in golf and my heart went out to anyone who had to be partnered with me. My game is just on the trash heap. But I did spring for some new irons last week and perhaps those will perk up my game a bit although it’s my attitude that could use the overhaul rather than the clubs. We golfed three days, fished a little bit (alas, only one ray caught) and ate and drank ourselves silly. But it was great fun all the way around. In fact, I’ll go back next week to try a new fishing guide who claims that the redfish are still around in good numbers and of good ‘over the slot’ size which would mean 23 inches and longer. That was all I needed to hear before signing up. In some ways it will be nice to try a new spot that isn’t named Bowens Island or Charleston. Maybe the GoPro will finally see some use.

Alrighty, I’m out of here. There’s a little bit of newspaper traffic between me and the owners and I haven’t opened any of their emails in over a week now. I’ll see what they’re up to. But it really does feel good to have all that time back. Now I can prep myself for the Big Journey to see you guys.

Love, Dad


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