Goodbye Charlotte, hello Des Moines …

If you’re good at reading between the lines – and plenty of hints have been dropped in the letters the last month or so – it will come as little surprise to you that I will move from Charlotte to Des Moines as soon as the house sells.

Ellen and Reid have both endorsed the switcheroo. You have only to look at photos of Emma and Georgia to understand how I arrived at this decision that is at once easy yet difficult. Charlotte has been my home for more than a decade, and I’ve come to like, and possibly love, the quirks of the city and the friends I’ve made. Indeed, a handful of friends deserved to be told in person.

But the time has come. Time once again to pull up stakes, stuff everything into the Camry and moving van for the drive north, reinvent my life and simply move on to whatever the next chapter is.

And it will be in Iowa rather than North Carolina.

September 19, 2016

Ellen/Reid: Ten years ago today I moved into the house, and here we are trying to sell the darn thing. Actually, I might have screwed the pooch a little; there’s already one offer that was perilously close and now I’m thinking I should have jumped on it. In my defense, the young couple were the first people to go through and I thought perhaps this is just the tip of the iceberg. Surely others would come through and perhaps ignite something. Only two visitors stopped by at the open house yesterday and while both professed to liking it, no offers have come through. My attorney told me that technically speaking, offers must be made in writing so that’s what I was expecting the young couple to do – send something in an email or a letter.


Here are two primary reasons for my relocation: 4-year-old Emma (assuring her apprehensive little sister Georgia that things will be okay on the first day of pre-school). I don’t want to miss out on any more of their early years than I already have. Des Moines puts me an easy drive from Reid in Chicago, too.

Alas, neither has been forthcoming but I did make a call to the couple this morning but the call has not yet been returned. Perhaps the old saying, ‘Good things happen to those who wait’ will come true. I’m still not sold on the idea of a Realtor since the time-on-market here is in relatively short order. Comp-wise, I seem to be in the ballpark (upper end of the ballpark) although the price reflects a good location with a great view and privacy. Hopefully, someone else will see those benefits to the house and agree with me. seems a valid way to go about the sale and I’m in no way ready to give up on that approach. My friends Sherry and Richard told me about and that’s sort of a discount Realtor approach and is worth looking into. I don’t think five days into the process without a sale is necessarily anything to get uptight or fidgety about. It’ll happen and I’ll be on my way.

If it does sell, perhaps I can apply some of the proceeds toward golf lessons. My favorite game is completely in the tank. It could be that the house and all the other things tied to the sale are messing with my head (which wouldn’t take much) but there is a complete lack of concentration and focus. You need those to even play adequately. It could be that my money would be better spent laying on a couch spilling my guts out to a shrink. That’s what is really needed. The one saving grace to teeing it up at all is the social aspect of it. My Golf for One group had a really fun time after our Saturday round at a place called Nellie’s and it was a riot. The wait staff take turns singing with the band and it’s a hoot. The food was pretty good and there was a big crowd.

The basil is on its last legs. It’s been so hot here that the basil, which loves hot temperatures, has continued to stick it out. I’ll whip up another batch of pesto sometime today.

Marge the labradoodle was fun to have around with this weekend. This is the fifth time I’ve sat for her for all or part of a weekend and she adds a new dynamic to owning a home. She’s got so much pep that she literally begs to go outside for a walk. She doesn’t just amble outside, she sprints at a dead run. She’s not so good with other dogs but now that I know that, it makes it easier for me to manage her around other dogs. We go for the obligatory four mile walks on both weekend mornings and she is just dead to the world when she’s done. Since I don’t lug around water for her, if I find a cup somewhere along the way I’ll dip it into a fountain at the midway point and that seems to hold her over until we saunter in the front door.

One of the post-move dilemmas is how to handle my classes at Central Piedmont Community College. It seems like enough students are registering that both my classes will be held starting the week of Oct. 8. Since classes go for seven weeks, there may be something of a time crunch if/when the house sells and I’ve got to get my ass out of here. But we’ll cross that bridge if/when the time comes. And let’s hope it comes sooner than later.

Love, Dad


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  1. Delsin K

    Where’s the damn ‘Like’ button? Dave, let us know how we can help you when you get here.

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