Condo for sale … the wedding … a killer yoga class … and time to pile on The Donald after his post-video embarrassment

I’m down off my high horse from the prior week’s homily on race and class in Charlotte and back to more familiar, and mundane, topics. 

But the best was saved for the last paragraph. I’m usually fairly mum on politics, but after a tall mountain of points made about Trump from both parties – and this was before his utterly sexist and lewd pontification video was released (‘locker room’ comments? Really, Donald?) – it was finally time to pile on. Yes, Ellen and Reid are free to make up their own minds. As for mine, however, it’s a given as to how my vote will be cast. How a woman, any woman, could defend Trump, let alone vote for him, is beyond me.

October 4, 2016

Ellen/Reid: Well, the house is listed with an honest-to-gosh Realtor as of today. Her name is Laura and she came highly recommended by my friend Jane. That was good enough for me. Jane has her real estate license, too, but there was no plan to list it with her or my other friends in real estate since that would’ve ticked someone off. Better to go with a non-friend. Laura surprised me in that her suggested price was well above my own amateurish valuation.


My attempt at self-selling went flat … and now’s the time to go with a pro.

Two other FSBOs – why couldn’t I sell mine like that? – really came through with high sales prices. But the proof is in the pudding and we’ll see how fast it sells. I’m willing to eat the six percent commission to get the thing moved. As my text message said, with any luck I’ll be in the Midwest for Thanksgiving. And apparently so will the Harley since it hasn’t sold. I’m shrinking back from the oath to sell it since the roads in the heartland should be a little more rider-friendly.

As far as Kristin and Delsin’s wedding is concerned, the plan is to drive to Des Moines with an arrival on or about Oct. 19. I’ve got a Realtor, Bryce, who will show me around even though she knows the immediate plan is to rent first, buy second. She sent a bunch of photos of available townhouse and condos and stylistically, it’s extremely disappointing. None of the places seem to have a smidgen of character or pizzazz. I think the Midwest is 5-6-7 years behind the curve in terms of design from what I’ve seen in the Southeast. That’s the one thing I liked about Charlotte – you could find homes with some snap! and élan to them. Just because you live in Iowa doesn’t mean the homes have to look like they’re in Iowa. But that disappointment will pass in due time. It is exciting, however, to be invited to the wedding.

Took a yoga class the other Saturday and it damn near killed me. They hold the Saturday classes in the warehouse of a brewery so you’re thinking about beer in the middle of your workout. By the tenth minute I was just gassed along with the startling revelation that I’m just not very limber or agile. Yes, you need to give it a few times but holy cow, it was everything I could handle and then some. To make it worse, it was a very hot day with the doors open and my $19 yoga mat and I were directly under the one skylight in the whole place. It was tantamount to broiling under a heat lamp. But overall it was worth it and once in Des Moines will try to find a yoga place. The YMCA most likely.

Reid, how’s the job search going? Is there anything I can do to help? Once I’m settled in wherever I land, one of the first side trips will be to Chicago. We can sit down and polish off your resume and just talk through the whole job thing. It has to be exciting to be done with school and ready to put your skills and education into the marketplace. You should be an attractive commodity for some company.

This election can’t be over soon enough. This is when I’m glad to not have a television. The debates and the sound bites and the vitriol would be tough to stomach. I am going for Hillary since The Donald is a complete and pompous ass. All he has is bluster and a string of failed businesses, his self-aggrandizing yammering about how smart he is aside. Sure, Hillary could’ve handled the email thing better, but other GOP types perfected the use of private email servers long before her. Trump is just a serial liar. On any subject. You know things are bad when other Republican leaders, many of whom spent the last eight years trying to debase, slander and smash Pres. Obama into smithereens, have thrown their support to Hillary instead of The Donald. That’s very telling right there. But if Trump wins, I’ll just toss all my possessions into the Camry and hightail it somewhere else.

Love, Dad

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