With the presidential race over and done, it’s time to move on to other things … sort of

The political pendulum has swung way, way right.

But now as the dust begins to settle (and hopefully calmer political minds will begin to emerge), it’s time to take stock of where we are. I’ve told Ellen and Reid – in the letters and on the phone – that our anger/dismay/shock aside, we have to move on with things. 

Like a makeover of kitchen cabinets.

November 14, 2016

Ellen/Reid: The shock of last week is going to take some time to wear off. What will bother me are the likely constant reminders of the ‘upset’; right tilting Supreme Court decisions, religious-socio-engineered legislation, and anti-environment actions by the Republican goofs who don’t have a civil bone in their bodies. I’d hate to be a gay, a black, a Latino, a poor person or someone with health issues. I do think it’s important to note that Hillary won the popular vote (as did Al Gore in 2000) but that is to no avail. I suppose the crying has to stop and we have to give Trump his due and hope he reverts to his more centrist past. If he doesn’t, then Heaven help us. The voters in outlying towns and ‘burgs hard pressed for real jobs and education who voted for him should prepare to get what they deserve. It really boiled down to a vote between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ – the ‘have been educated’ vs. ‘have not been educated’ who wolfed down the single issue red meat tossed to them by Trump. At least the Cubbies were winners.

A lot of people have tried to put into words their dismay, likely as a way to help themselves make sense of a nonsensical outcome. A friend, Andrea, who has read the letter blog for a good while and later became one of my writers for the Mint Hill Times, posted something on FaceBook that I thought summed things up in a pretty good manner in the early hours on Wednesday:

Today. I’m giving myself today. I’m putting it in a box, wrapping it in gorgeous, shiny paper and topping it with a bright silver bow. And I’m handing it to my inner 4-year old. So that she can basically have a big ole messy tantrum. So that she can whine (check), cry (uh, double check), yell, stomp her feet, throw things, and eat cheeseburgers if she wants to (hello, 5 Guys). I’m giving her this gift of 12 hours to let it all out. To gorge on ice cream if necessary (I think it might be) and to wonder in desperate confusion where the hell it all went wrong. Then tomorrow I’m going to get up, pray for my new president, congratulate everyone who chose the person I didn’t, and do my damndest to move this country in the right direction with whomever it takes. Because tomorrow I go back to adulting. Which is far less satisfying but it’s what I signed up for the day I became old enough to vote.

Andrea is right, of course. We have to vent then get over it and figure out how to do better the next time, and that includes pushing young Democratic voters who stayed home in swarms. There is a pendulum to politics so let’s hope it starts to swing the other way.

But there are other things to worry about. There’s a home that has not sold. There were two more showings this weekend but again no bids. It’s an unfortunate recurring theme. Honestly, I thought I’d be in the Midwest by now. To shake things up a bit, I’m going to make some changes. To unemotionally stand back and look at the kitchen, it’s probably dated a bit. Thus, the kitchen cabinets are going to get a makeover, or at least a new color scheme and hardware. My next door neighbor, Mary Beth, had hers redone and I’ll go over this week to see the route she took. Then I’ll head to a couple of home stores to see what the latest cabinet fashion may be. Online sites show the pricing should be under $1,000 and that is doable enough. Perhaps that’s what it will take to move off the snide. I worry a little about a listing that is stale; but there haven’t been that many buyers troop through here. It’s not as if a horde of Realtors has brought their clients this way. I dunno, maybe there is something to the ‘spring market’ and ‘people won’t buy ahead of the holidays’ notions people are constantly reminding me of. I’m just ready to get it sold and move on.

Love, Dad

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  1. Richard Bargoil, Community Development Blogger

    Andrea had a good teacher! That’s what you are, day-in and day-out, a good teacher and mentor for the rest of us who struggle to put to pen what comes to you so naturally. Thanks for doing this even when you don’t know it!

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