No letter and fatherly ‘advice’ …

Owing to my extended time on the road for the holidays, there was no letter sent to Ellen and Reid last week. I suppose I could’ve settled into a chair in front of a computer and printer at some roadside hotel business center but that attractive option didn’t dawn on me until the car pulled into the garage. Chalk it up to another ‘… why didn’t I think of that?’ moment.

Today’s letter is finished and will be printed and mailed shortly. It contains some fatherly content – job search advice – since Reid just earned his MS in Digital Information at DePaul University in Chicago. Part of my counsel is fairly straightforward: don’t just shotgun resumes, but network and meet folks face to face since that could likely be the best source of solid leads.

To that end, if you have business contacts in Chicago – even if they’re not in information technology but might know someone who is – please, please, please pass their contact information on to me. I’ll relay it to Reid.


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